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Writing Stupid!

A photo that I may have messed with. Skunk cabbage from our garden.
A photo that I may have messed with. Skunk cabbage from our garden.

While I try to learn as much as I can about Business and apply it to my own business, writing and publishing, it keeps coming to my attention that I’m failing on a few levels.

Smart writers write series: this gives them continuing characters, sometimes continuing problems that the characters need to deal with, and often continuing worlds. They don’t have to invent the wheel every time they write a story or a novel.

And they gain fans! People who love the characters and the world the writer’s created. Characters and worlds the fans don’t want to let go of. I know, I’m a fan of so many writers who do this.

And TV. I’m still angry about so many shows that were cancelled. I still miss Agent Cooper, Wash, and Parker. Oh, I could go on and on.

I wrote a series once. Years ago  – ‘The Jeweled Worlds Series‘. But silly me, I had mostly different characters in each book and a different world for each book. I couldn’t even write a series the ‘right’ way.


I can’t even seem to write in the same genre or using the same tone for more than one piece. Serious Science Fiction novel followed by a weird Fantasy short story followed by a whimsical Women’s Fiction novel followed by a silly Science Fiction story and on and on.

Ghost story – sure I’ll try that. Ooh and let’s make it a Mystery too.

Light little faery story? Oh hell, let’s just turn the bloody thing into a dark Faery novel. About saving the world from um, um, I’ve got it! The apocalypse! Yeah. That’ll work.

What was I thinking?

More cackling.

My brain always seems to need to stretch out into new territory. It’s easily bored. I need to keep challenging it to keep it interested in writing. Inventing new worlds for every single thing I write. New characters. New kinds of beings. New genres.

New. New. New.

I’m the epitome of contemporary humanity in its search for novelty.

Even more cackling.

Okay, I’ve got a confession to make. I’ve decided not to eat stuff with added sugar in it for a month. Except for a few squares of dark chocolate per day. I may be going insane.

Mad, maniacal cackling.

I’m going back to work now.


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