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Winter is Coming!

Winter arrives on Friday with the Solstice. I’m so looking forward to the returning light – even if it’s not in the form of actually seeing the sun behind the clouds. I’m surrounded by the glow of multi-colored Christmas lights and the house lights are on as well as my light box, in denial of the overcast skies outside. Or maybe rebellion at them. I hear some places in the region are getting a dusting of snow. We got rain. More rain. Sigh. And I’ve got a fire going, because Baby, it’s cold outside.

Today’s my last day of solitude for two weeks. Tomorrow is the last day of school and Zoe’s Christmas party and since school’s only two hours, I’m going to go hang out. But for today, I get to stay home and write and listen to music and mostly not get interrupted a gazillion times.

I’m thinking about my dreams for next year. What I want to have happen. What I want to work on and play with. Where I want to travel to. What I want to read. What I want to learn. Of course there’s always so much more I want to do than is humanly possible. Which is why I have such a massive to do list that I continually have to cut back and rearrange.

This year I’ve done a massive amount of things, more than I would ever have guessed. Mostly with my writing. I wrote three novels (Published two of them, the other’s being edited still). Wrote and published three short story collections and a whole slew of short fiction. And wrote more than I ever thought possible. Last week I finally got around to re-working all four websites. And got back into making the physical book, (Print on Demand) for one of the novels that’s an ebook. Will eventually have them all available in paper. What next year will hold for my writing?

As for the garden, I rejuvenated all the containers, which is over twenty and made a sedum turtle (which doesn’t look all that great, will need to add a lot more sedums to it in the spring), sifted a lot of sand for the patio (but need to sift about ten times more) and that was about it, other than planning which beds need to be rearranged. Mostly I left Michael to do his thing, which was move things and design most of the spaces out there. He’s so much better at it. I just know what the plants need, he’s a more gifted designer. Next year, we must get the patio done! I’m really tired of the mud hole that’s out the back door. And make more paths. Maybe we’ll even get the front patio done as well. I am being optimistic! And move a lot of plants around. Maybe we’ll even weed! Shocking concept.

Spent a lot of energy this year working towards getting our life after horses back on track. Still getting our finances straightened out, and the sorely neglected garden and our time for entertainment. Next year we definitely need to have more fun. And I’m really, really hoping my health turns around and I can get off steroids and start moving my body forward again.

But now it’s time for me to go work on a story.

So, I’ll leave you with the hope that the coming winter brings you much love, a deep joy and serenity. And maybe some fairy dust.

We could all use a little fairy dust in the depths of winter.


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