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This month has been a flurry of publishing. I’ve been publishing new things and redoing old covers and just generally burning up the keyboard.

First up is Christmas Magic:

Four stories of hope and healing to light up the darkness of winter. A daughter trying to cope with her father’s illness, a man dealing with his broken heart and money struggles, an older woman suddenly alone and an Amore who’s stuck until she can discover how to grow.

Includes the stories: The Christmas Mug, Sexy Santa, Marta and the Christmas Cat, and Stuck.

Each of the stories is published individually as well. Complete links can be found under the Books & Stories tab, under short fiction.


Then I finally published the collection of Garden Magic:

Four stories of very different gardens, the magic and magical creatures that exist within each one, and the people who are changed by their encounters.
Includes: Conquering the Monsters, A Rose for Remembrance, Scheduled Disappearances, and A Little Help from Friends.
The Garden ~ where anything is possible . . .

There’s all new covers for the entire Bibi’s Bargain Boutique Collection, plus a whole new slough of Bibi stories that will show up in late winter or early spring.

I’ve been finalizing a lot of things that will be happening early next year too. I’ll talk about those in another post.

And the Bones of the Earth Book 3, Faerie Descent, is out for copyediting and making its way closer to being in your hands.

But now, it’s time to pretend that I actually do things around here, so I’m going to make some turkey chowder for dinner, using an old recipe from my mom.

And I might wrap a present or two.

And kick back and relax for the evening.

Hope you’re enjoying the holiday season.

I’m anxiously waiting for the light to return. Until then our house is ablaze in multicolored lights.

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