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The Shadow!

I’ve been in the midst of summer fun this week. Camping in the back yard, where I’ve discovered that a thin air mattress doesn’t cut it anymore. Neither do three bodies in a too small tent. I think I only slept about five hours.

But sitting around the fire was fun. And especially fun was not having to worry if one cat would eat all the other cats food and that we didn’t need to find a pet sitter to make sure they didn’t eat each other. And the koi got fed. And there was a kitchen across the yard and a bathroom. And mail and the newspaper. Oh, not to mention the internet!

It was also pretty cool to lie in the tent and watch ‘Serenity’ on my Kindle. While camping! Last night Zoe watched a movie in the tent on the old portable DVD player (on which the battery has failed, so it has to be plugged in). Camping ain’t like it used to be, even if we weren’t at home. Because, let’s face it. When I camped as a kid – someone else did the cooking, packing, etc.

Summer is finally happening here in the Northwest, which means it’s the peak of my energy level in general and therefore my writing energy. But my time is fractured into an hour here or a couple hours there. Missing whole days to take the child to some sort of summery place like Jetty Island.

So, I’ve decided once again to spend the summer writing short fiction instead of novels. I just don’t have the long stretches of time or the consecutive writing days that I need to dive into a novel. Too many distractions. And I’ve got short story ideas coming out of my ears, eyes, nose and mouth. I counted them up the other day and there’s over thirty stories actively screaming to be written. Quite a few other just biding their time. If I wrote one a week that’s over six months of stories. Sometimes, I can do more than one a week, depends on the wildlife around here. Critters want to be fed, entertained, have clean laundry, clean dishes, bills paid, etc. But it’s so great to have all these ideas I’m on fire about!

The Shadow:LJWolfe:750X1182:PNG

Last week I published my novelette, ‘The Shadow’. A post apocalyptic fantasy for young adults (but adults are allowed inside as well). Mirage has had a rough four years. The Shadow killed her parents, destroyed the world and left her invisible. Now injured, she’s fallen behind the other humans still fleeing for their lives. How will she save herself?

It includes another story of mine called ‘The Test’, which I wrote last summer.

So, it’s almost lunch time and I haven’t worked on my next story yet today. Time to get going!


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