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The Pumpkin Vine That Ate Our Garden!



We’ve got this compost pile. The bins are 4′X4′ wide X6′ tall, with all the boards up. And there’s three bins. We built them to hold all the horse manure. Two years after the horses are gone, a couple of them are still mostly full. So when the child planted a couple of giant pumpkin seeds at a nursery and brought them home, I looked around and not finding much open sunny space, thought, well, let’s just plant them in the middle of the pile we’re not using.

So, we did.

And the vines are loving the compost. There’s even a few pumpkins under there, although I don’t know if they’ll ripen, they set fruit pretty late in the season, but one’s the size of a basketball. The vines grow about six inches a day it seems. They’ve already blocked off the turnaround and have reached the door of the building in the photo. Am loving watching it travel and can hardly wait to see how long the vines get before frost hits it this fall, which will be September? October? November? Who knows?

Inside, I’ve been busy redoing covers and reformatting old files of ebooks. I cleaned up two of the stories I wrote this summer and uploaded them. I’ll post links as soon as I get to it, if you’re in a hurry, you can choose the link on the side bar to the seller of your choice and look for ‘The Murky Depths’ and ‘Alfred Lets Loose’. I haven’t gotten around to updating websites yet. Still on my to do list.

I also got a huge garbage bag filled with basil from friends. And spent an afternoon and evening making freezer pesto. I can’t remember how long its been since I made pesto and the kitchen was filled with the glorious scent of basil. Today, I’m going to cut and dry some of the oregano and pick all the cherry tomatoes that are ripe. Yum. Plus, there’s a few ripe strawberries out there and it’s blackberry season. I love having food in the garden!

I’m eagerly waiting for school to start next week, before I dive into all the things that require undivided concentration, like writing. Until then, I’m clearing the decks and doing the myriad of things that have been on my to do list for months. Those things that I say, ‘I can’t do that today, I need to write’. Funny, for so many, many years it used to be the other way around. ‘Oh, I can’t write today, I must clean out my closet’.

So glad things have changed.


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