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The Power’s Back On!

Okay, it came back on late Sunday afternoon, after the windstorm kicked it out for 26 hours. But I’m still thankful!

Although I did enjoy sitting around watching “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” on my battery powered laptop (which took 50% of its power) and coloring by candlelight with my daughter; I didn’t enjoy worrying about whether everything in my fully stocked freezer and refrigerator (went grocery shopping the previous day for two weeks worth of food) would spoil. But it turned out fine.

We drove around town Saturday evening trying to find somewhere to eat dinner. The places that were open were packed, and running short of food. Plus there was a Seahawks game on all the TVs so there were extra crowds. We settled for awful food at a chain restaurant. The staff were lovely though, working incredibly hard.

I was astonished at all the small trees in parking lots that were ripped to shreds, broken and maimed or completely torn up. That on top of so many already dead trees, from the drought, along the freeway. This has been a hard year for trees.

So, when the power came on, the first thing everyone did was to scurry around and plug in phones, computers and ereaders. So funny.

And then we changed out some of the water in the koi pond. The pump was off the whole time too, so the under-gravel filter wasn’t getting oxygen, so I’m sure much of the beneficial bacteria puked and died. Had to get the poor fish a bit of fresh water, full of oxygen.

And put the remains of my extensive candle collection away. And put away all our stored water, for washing, drinking and flushing. The well pump is electric, so when we lose power there’s no water either.

I hope all of you stayed safe! We had a couple things blow over and a lot of debris, but no damage. We’re in a valley. But the trees up on the hill were pretty scary to watch. Lots of breakage up there.

And I would’ve gotten to this earlier, but yesterday was a flurry of laundry, cooking and other household things that were put off because of the power outage. Plus I finished a short story! So yay. Clean sheets and a new story.

And I’ve got a new novel out!!!

Notes on the Moon People:JPEG:850X1288


Penelope is a lost cause. She’s over fifty and about to lose her job. She’s got no friends or family and has never taken a risk in her entire life.
But one day she finds herself in another world. With a chance to change everything.
Can she summon up the courage to live?
A coming of age Fantasy for late bloomers.

I’m really pleased this story is finally out into the world. Hope you enjoy it.


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