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Swallowed up by Summer!

Awesome red poppy that I’m naming ‘Fireworks’. Because I can.


I looked up and discovered it’s heading towards mid-July. Mid-July! Yikes. Somewhere I lost June.

I’ve been writing and cleaning up and publishing things, tending websites, watering the garden, gaping at poppies. Went to the beach one day (and I think I’m still sun burned), fought the slugs for lettuce, have pretended to clean the house every so often, herded the child to doctor and dentist checkups, herded the child to do some work around the house and pried her away from screens to read. I went to a reading by an awesome writer – Ian McDonald, met friends for dinner, hung out with relatives at a BBQ, bought a few plants. Okay more than a few. So far it’s been a busy, busy summer.

And I’m Wa-a-a-ay behind. I’ve got 11 stories and 1 novel in various stages of doneness. Some are floating around trying to find homes at magazines. Others are with my first readers. Still others are waiting till my first readers have a slot open. Others have come back and need to be cleaned up and sent out to magazines or published. And at least one, the novel, is still being cleaned up to go to my readers. And some are still being written. I feel like I’m in the middle of a carnival. Which story am I working on this hour?

And this was the time I was going to redo all my old covers.Yeah. I haven’t figured that out yet.

Pots patiently waiting for a patio.
Pots patiently waiting for a patio.

The spousal unit is busy sifting and shoveling sand for the patio, so he’s unable to keep up with the garden. The weeds are having a major party and the slugs aren’t far behind. I’m the major waterer since I work at home, and that season has begun. It takes a week to make a circuit around the entire garden and sometimes that’s fast enough. Not this July. Plants are wilting before their turn rolls around again, one of the drawbacks to having soil that’s sand and gravel. We add a lot of compost, but it’s never enough. So I’m watering both mornings and evenings this week. With the sprinkler, of course. I only water pots by hand, which takes a good couple of hours.

So once the patio’s done, snort, we move on to the child’s room. She’s going to middle school next year and has decided it’s makeover time. So we need to take all the furniture out of her room, cover the paneling and paint all the walls and ceiling. Then we’ll paint a mural on at least one wall, perhaps more. I’m tired just thinking about it. Then we get to move new/used furniture back in, furniture that’s more appropriate for a middle schooler. Whatever that is. I’ll figure that out next month.

But for now, it’s writing, writing and more writing. It’s halfway through the year and I’m still making my tiny goal of 5,000 new words a week. Only missed it twice since the beginning of the year. Yay! So, I’ve got lots of stories coming, they just need some tweaking and I’ll let them fly away. With writing so much new stuff, I’m still finding it hard to stay caught up on the publishing part of things.

Rosa ‘William Lobb’

But I keep trying.

I’m sucking up all the sunshine that I can, writing outside every day, saving it up for winter. I can already feel the days growing shorter. I’ve got to absorb a lot more sun before I’ll go quietly into the darkness of fall and winter!

Hope you’re having a lovely summer.


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