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I’m going to pretend it’s spring. Just for today. And maybe tomorrow. I know some of you are struggling with snow. In my part of the world, it’s gray and cloudy, but the sun’s peeking out. We’ve had lots and lots of rain lately. I’m really ready for the sun. So many things I want to do out in the garden right now!

So, in between writing and dealing with life, I’ve been venturing out to nurseries and plant sales. And spending enormous (for me) amounts of money on one of my addictions. We’ll just call it plant lust and leave it at that.




This is a small sample of what I’ve been up to. Some lovely little goodies here and my attempts at photography don’t do them justice.








Then there’s this lovely thing, a white trout lily or Erythronium. I’ve had a pink one for years and have decided to start collecting them. I love their mottled leaves. Unfortunately, they die back in June or July until next spring.








And speaking of mottled leaves…. I seem to have a thing for them at the moment. Okay, I just really love, love, love strange plants. This is a Podophyllum difforme, or Chinese Mayapple. It’ll get to be a foot and a half tall with burgundy flowers and little apple-like fruits. But really, the leaves are the coolest part of them.








Here’s a photo of a another mayapple we bought last year. Podophyllum ‘Spotty Dotty’. It’s already over a foot tall, so I’m guessing it’ll reach 2′ this year. The leaves are 6″ wide right now. And the plant is spreading nicely. It’s grown half a foot in the last week! One of my favorites.







And some more mottled leaves. Dactylorhiza maculata. I’ve got all the complicated Latin names today. Also called a heath or moorland spotted orchid. It gets small pinky-purple orchid flowers on it. Lovely plant.





So, lest you’re wondering if I’ve got any normal plants in the garden, the answer is yes! I’ve got one red rhododendron blooming. And a few scraggly daffodils and hyacinths. But not many of the shrubs or other spring plants are doing much right now. Our flowering cherry isn’t ready yet. Some of the flowering currants are starting to bloom. But mostly trees are just beginning to leaf our, ferns are unfurling and slugs are running rampant. After I get some writing done today, I have hopes of getting out into the garden. If it’s not pouring by then.

I’ll leave you with some of the denizens who were following me around when I was out taking photos. Tiger, Snowball & Peaches.











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