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Awesome swirly Hellebore

Today’s the first day of spring. It’s been a soggy month so far. Which means I’ve been staying inside and getting lots done.

I’ve been writing – lots. I finished a story that’s going to appear in a bundle about faeries this summer. I’ll let you know when that happens and links.

I also finished a fairy tale story that’s going to be in a bundle in the fall. Whoo hoo!

And in a couple of weeks the third faerie book will be coming out! There will be book launches and all sorts of fun stuff. I’ll fill you in when things happen.

I’ve been publishing several short stories as well. Details will follow later in the week.

Spotty white & green Hellebore

Yesterday was the first sunny day in eons and I got outside to start my winter pruning. Guess I’m a season late. There’s so much to do out there.

And so much to do inside. I’m trying to get another novel cleaned up and ready to publish. And redo some old book covers. And I’m about ready to launch into writing another novel.

So, I hope you’re enjoying the first day of spring.


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