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It’s been a busy summer so far and August is really heating up. I’ve been writing lots of short stories and publishing them, although not announcing all of them here. Way behind on announcements, website updates, etc. Lots of gardening going on as well. And far too much cleaning. The to-do list grows ever longer.

The spousal unit has been taking vacation time and the child has been home a lot. Today they’re both gone and I’m thinking about how much I’ve missed my solitude.

It’s not that I don’t love other people, because I do. I want to hear what they’re feeling passionate about, what they think about and how they’re different or the same from other folks. I love listening to what people think about their lives and the world.

However, I need serious solitude for my brain and emotions to be healthy. That’s how I recharge. Having time alone to just be. Most of my time alone is spent working. Trying to pull up stories from the deep recesses of my brain. Or just trying to wind down from a busy day. Or, heaven forbid, maybe even read a book! It’s not the same as just being.

I love to sit in the garden and just watch life go by – birds, insects, cats, the neighbor’s chickens…. Okay, I’d really rather the chickens stay home. I worry about them not making it home in time to be locked in for the night. Predators.

And I love watching the koi swim in circles around the pond, swirling in and out and around each other. The reds, oranges, yellows and whites flashing in the light, some with glittering scales. The sound of the waterfall overpowering the splat of the algae covered fountain.

So, I’ve got an hour left of solitude today. It’s time to make lunch, so I’ll go outside and revel in being alone before chaos descends. Tonight I’ll cram in some writing time. When my brain’s awake.


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