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Show & Tell!

Way back when, I promised photos! I’ve finally gotten it together to take some photos.

First up, the dragon garden. Although the spousal unit calls it the draggin’ garden because I’ve spent a lot of time draggin’ pots around. Hmph.


I’m including three photos here. This is the area of our property that has the most sun and beneath the lime green umbrella is where I spend a lot of time writing. It’s my outside office. Although sometimes I’m just hiding out from the other humans in the household. The cats always find me though.




We’ve started rescuing all our struggling David Austen roses that are in the ground (and in shadier parts of the garden, which were once sunny, but not anymore – trees grow) and putting them into containers. They’ve rewarded us with lots of blooms.




Also my collection of dwarf pine trees is in this part of the garden, because – sun. And lilies and all the fruit surrounds this garden – raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and kiwi. I have strawberries in containers and even a bred to grow in pots – raspberries and blueberries. And in one of the giant watering troughs I have a dwarf fig tree. I’m set!

We bought three 4′ wide X 4′ tall X 6′ long metal watering troughs, drilled holes in them and they’re currently growing tomatoes, basil, lettuce, cucumbers, sage, and that fig I mentioned. I have a vegetable garden again. Wheee!

The dragon garden is filled with dragon statuary and resides on the gravel area where the horses used to live. I couldn’t bear the thought of moving all that six-inch deep gravel and weed barrier. So, I made lemonade out of lemons and created a container garden. It’ll  work nicely when I get old and want to tool around the garden in my wheelchair. Which considering how much I’ve been working in the garden this month, could be any day now. Ouch. Muscles I didn’t know I had, hurt.

So, on to the bathroom! I don’t have photos of its previous incarnation, but I loved it. It was a deep turquoise with dark green trim and door, in a paint that shifted color depending on the angle you looked at it from. And dark green porcelain tile. All of which offset the blinding white, toilet, tub and shower surround. White’s not my favorite.

The construction guys pulled out everything rotting and moldy. The entire floor, the outside wall from the waist down and one of the interior walls. The room was completely open to the dirt crawl space and the outside of the house. Thank goodness for home equity loans.

The construction guys were wonderful. So after they redid the walls and the floor, we got a new toilet, tub and surround (all white still, though).

We compensated by painting the place gold. I looked for porcelain tiles in exotic colors, but in the 12 years since the bathroom was redone, anything wild has gone out of style. Wah! So, we decided on this cool brown tile. And since they ripped the walls out, they asked us if we wanted wood paneling. Less painting for us!




So, here’s the final effect. Gaudy, hell yes! Weird? Just what is that on the shower curtain anyway? The setting for my next novel probably! Okay, that setting has a lot less water, so maybe not. But some future novel!


So, that’s the bathroom, our little postage stamp of the single bathroom in the house. Or anywhere on the property. I couldn’t get good photos, cause there’s nowhere to back up to!



I’ll leave you with a couple of photos of other parts of the garden that we have actually gotten to and done work in this year. So much of it hasn’t been weeded at all. It was a rough spring for everyone. We were both sick. And it was way too rainy and cold all spring. No one wanted to go outside and garden.

This is just off the patio. The spousal unit worked hard on this bed, adding lots of new plants and removing a couple of dead ones. Moles!



This is the bed out the kitchen window. Still a work in progress, but it’s coming along nicely. The area beyond it is another story.

One year, I don’t know when, we will be able to get to every part of the garden. The entire garden will be weeded, staked, paths mowed or replaced. Patios will be finished. And every single bed will be done – there will be no plants in black pots sitting around waiting to be planted. Things will be pruned and dead plants completely removed. I keep thinking that year will be the next one.

I guess that dream (or fantasy) is what keeps gardeners going.

This has been a really long post. Hope you enjoyed it. I’ve mostly caught you up on my life outside writing for the past few months! And the next post will be all about writing and publishing. And perhaps I’ll have finished the novel I’ve been writing off and on since December! I’m getting really, really close.

Hope you’re having a lovely summer (or winter if you’re way down south)!

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