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DSC_0086:croppedLinda Jordan writes surprising characters, funny dialogue and imaginative science fiction and fantasy worlds. She creates novels and short fiction, serious and silly. Her main themes revolve around healing and transformation.
She’s fascinated by nature’s peculiarities, mythology and spirituality, what makes humans (and aliens) tick, political systems and the creation of music and art. She loves including all this and more in her stories.
In another lifetime, Linda coordinated the Clarion West Writers Workshop as well as the Reading Series for two years. She also spent four years as Chair of the Board of Directors during Clarion West’s formative period. She’s worked many other jobs, more than she cares to count. Eventually, she fled the city to live out among the tall cedars.
She lives in the rainy wilds of Washington state with her husband, daughter, four cats, seventeen Koi and an infinite number of slugs and snails.



Faerie Flight, 2018, print, ebook

Horticultural Homicide, 2017, print, ebook

Faerie Descent, 2017, print, ebook

Faerie Contact, 2016, print, ebook

Faerie Unraveled, 2016, print, ebook

Notes on the Moon People, 2015, print, ebook

Falling Into Flight, 2015, print, ebook

Living in the Lower Chakras, 2013, print, ebook

Infected by Magic, 2011, ebook, 2012, print

The Jeweled Worlds Omnibus, 2012, ebook

The Flaming Ruby, 2012, print, ebook

The Enigmatic Pearl, 2012, print, ebook

The Black Opal: 2011, ebook, 2012, print



Bibi’s Back, 2017, ebook

To the Stars and Back Again, 2017, ebook

Stories of the Jeweled Worlds, 2017, ebook

Garden Magic, 2016, ebook

Christmas Magic, 2016, ebook

Aboard the Universe, 2015, ebook

Four for Christmas, 2014, ebook

A Halloween Trio, 2014, ebook

Magic IS, 2013, ebook

Unseen Worlds, 2013, ebook

Love & the Aliens, 2012, ebook

Paradiso Stories, 2012, ebook

Bibi’s Bargain Boutique, 2012, ebook

Elements, 2011, ebook

Elemental: 5 Stories for Teens, 2011, ebook

Short Fiction:

Coming Into Being, 2018, ebook

The Magic of Clay, 2017, ebook

To Death and Back Again, 2017, ebook

The Little Black Dress, 2017, ebook

The Clock, 2017, ebook

The Wind Chimes, 2017, ebook

The Lava Lamp, 2017, ebook

Breath of Life, 2017, ebook

Vitamins, 2017, ebook

Flames of Freedom, 2017, ebook

Stuck, 2016, ebook

Marta and the Christmas Cat, 2016, ebook

Sexy Santa, 2016, ebook

The Christmas Mug, 2016, ebook

Conquering the Monsters, 2016, ebook

A Rose for Remembrance, 2016, ebook

A Little Help from Friends, 2015, ebook

Ghost Hunting in the Galley, 2015, ebook

Scheduled Disappearances, 2015, ebook

Soul Harvest, 2015, ebook

Journey Into Darkness, 2015, ebook

We Wish You A Merry Christmas, 2014, ebook

The Christmas Tree, 2014, ebook

The Dilemma of Unrequited Love, 2014, ebook

The Greening of the Universe, 2014, ebook

The Memory of Water, 2014, ebook

IT, 2014, ebook

P.U.R.R. – Protectors United for Residential Requisition, 2014, ebook

The Emotions of the Non-Living, 2014, ebook

Jokul Frosti, 2013, ebook

The Best Little Christmas Ever, 2013, ebook

Ice Dragons, 2013, ebook

A Plague of Magic, 2013, ebook

Alfred Lets Loose, 2013, ebook

The Murky Depths, 2013, ebook

Bitter Magic, 2013, ebook

Brittle Flames, 2013, ebook

The Desk, 2013, ebook

Ghostly Promise, 2012, ebook

All Hallow’s Eve, 2012, ebook

Shifting Sands, 2012, ebook

Trust, 2012, ebook

Unexpected Contact, 2012, ebook

Walking Away from the Past, 2012, ebook

Long Past Time. 2012, ebook

Joe’s Milky Way Cafe, 2012, ebook

Jake’s Cave, 2012, ebook

The Path of Balance, 2012, ebook

Talking to Yama, 2012, ebook

The Shadow, 2012, ebook

The Chair, 2012, ebook

The Teapot, 2012, ebook,

The Leather Jacket, 2012, ebook

The Chandelier, 2012, ebook

The Doc Martens, 2012, ebook

The Beaded Bag, 2012, ebook

Searching for Faeries, 2012, ebook

A Breath from Elsewhere, 2012, ebook

Smoke & Fire, 2012, ebook

Sea of Loneliness, 2012, ebook

Crossing the Divide, 2012, ebook

The Test, 2012, ebook

Adrift, 2011, ebook

Chocolate is My Destiny, 2011, ebook

Daughter of the East Wind, 2011, ebook

Molten Glass, 2011, ebook

My Singular Summer, 2011, ebook

The Distance Between, 2011, ebook

Flight, 2011, ebook