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Rolling Along!

The mural we painted
The mural we painted

I’ve been absent here for a while as the summer winds down, WAH! Spent a good chunk of time helping the child remove every single thing from her room. Which meant going through drawers that probably haven’t been touched in years!

Oh, the things we found. Won’t go into that since I know you want to keep your last meal down. But it took days, and the recycling, garbage and donate boxes were filled. Three large boxes of books went to her old school. And furniture left the house.

Then we spackled over paneling and sanded and vacuumed and painted. And made lots of trips to the hardware store. And painted more. And painted some more, while she slept on the couch for several nights. And got annoyed because we ran out of the paint colors we needed. And cleaned the floor. Then new/used furniture came in. Plus some of the old furniture came back. Walls were hung with decorations. So about 3 weeks later, things are finally finished, well mostly. We still need to find the right curtains or blinds. And the right bedspread, etc. But she’s back in her room, loving it and she had some time off before school started.

So now that school’s in session, a new school that starts much earlier, I’m struggling to get up at 6AM. Aaack. Isn’t that fun? And the days are getting shorter and wake-up time comes before the sun’s up. It’s been alternately sunny and rainy. So on the sunny days I’m trying to get outside and write, even though it’s cold and windy out there. Gotta enjoy the sun before it leaves until sometime next spring.

I’m working on finishing up the first draft of another novel. Then there’ll be a lot of adding in left to do before I send it out to readers. I’m also finishing up an online writing workshop which is giving me lots of great information.

Patio finally finished, well mostlyOn the gardening front, nothing is happening. I have a feeling I’m pretty much finished watering for the season, yay! Michael’s still adding sand between the pavers of the new patio. Here’s a photo of it after all the pavers had been cut, but without the sand in between them and without furniture.

Not much time left in the summer to enjoy it as the sun is slowly sinking behind the tall cedars, but I’m hoping the rains hold off till October because there’s lots of gardening to catch up on.

Today, it’s collecting poppy seeds.

Tomorrow I hope to get back to working on getting a new story up. I’m still behind on publishing things. I’ve got seven stories and one novel finished and/or out to readers. Another bunch of stories circulating out among various magazines and looking for homes. So, I’ve got to get moving on the publishing end of things! Because I’ve also got a lot of covers to rework. And oh so much more to do. But I’m not going down the road of panic. At least not today!

Cool spider drying off on a Dahlia
Cool spider drying off on a Dahlia


After it rained a couple of days ago, the garden was filled with slugs and snails. Countless numbers. But I also noticed a couple of very strange spiders. We always have a lot of spiders, so much food for them, so many insects! The spousal unit joked that we have the H&S garden. Filled with Hydrangeas, Hellebores & Heucheras. Slugs, snails, sowbugs & spiders.

So here’s a couple of photos. I’m off to try to pull my life together, run errands and perhaps try to cram in another couple of episodes of Prime Suspect before Netflix gets rid of it. I’ve got 12 hours more to watch by the end of the month!

Oh, and maybe try to read a book!

Another cool spider

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