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Just a taste of what’s happening in my writing space this week. I’m surrounded by containers of oriental lilies. They’re perfuming the air with their sweet-spicy scent. I love writing out in the garden!

It’s week five of the Write-a-thon – – and things are rolling along. I’ve finished four stories and epubbed two of them. I’m working on Story # 5 at the moment. Well, not this moment.

So, things are going well. I’m remembering how it feels to get more wordage per day. It means more hours in the chair. And not checking email. Or surfing the net. Or finding out what my Facebook friends are up to. Or gazing off into space. It involves typing word after word. Sentence after sentence. Pulling the story out of the depths of my brain, whether I know where it’s going or not.

And when I get interrupted – either from needing to get more tea, or needing to wrangle the hose around in the garden, it means going back and sitting down again. And diving deep into the story and the character, not skimming along on the surface.

I’d forgotten some of those things. Have had quite a few rough spells this spring, trying to write while feeling horrible from allergies and asthma. I’m really attached to the whole breathing thing and it hasn’t been working well for a few months. Was so busy coughing and trying to breathe I couldn’t immerse myself in the story enough. Plus the novel I was working on, one-quarter done, was being told from the wrong character’s point of view. So, need to go back and retell it with the right character! That’s my fall project.

But I’ve re-remembered how to do all that sitting and more sitting. So things are flowing more smoothly. I’m getting more wordage in each day. My summer rhythm is in full swing. Yippee!

And as Steven Bryan Bieler – – so thoughtfully reminded me, ten days left in the write-a-thon. Even though I’m on track, that made me panic. Which just goes to show how much of an effect deadlines have on me.

Gotta use that outside pressure where I can. Because I’m feeling tired today. And for me tiredness leads to laziness, although I’m pretty lazy by nature. So, need to get my words in early in case rebellion sets in. Then it’ll only affect work in the garden. And weeds will still be there tomorrow. But I’ve only got one more day at home alone and today’s it. The next two days, I’ll be besieged by “Mom, can you get me this?” and “Mom, blah, blah, blah, Survival Craft, blah, blah, blah.” Or else complete silence as the child spends twelve hours straight on the couch playing games on her Kindle Fire and watching old video tapes that her dad made of the Simpsons. And me forgetting to make her turn off the screens and go outside. Or forgetting to tell her to get some lunch! Because she’s ten and should be able to deal with all that. And because I’m off on a planet light years away.

So, that’s my life and I’m off to go to that planet and find out what happens next


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