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Random Thoughts!

January Sunrise

Here’s a few things I’ve observed:

~At 7:20AM, whether it’s dark, dawn or daylight, there are a deafening number of bird conversations going on as I stand at the road waiting for the school bus with my daughter. I wonder what they’re all talking about.

~After buying the DVD of the final Hobbit movie and watching it last night something occurred to me. I wished that I hadn’t seen any of the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings movies.

That way I could watch them all again, fresh and new, in a different order. It’s quite like after having read a fabulous book, I wanted to have not read it, so I could have the experience all over again.

~Before I went to bed last night I asked the universe for a couple of solutions to show up in my dreams.

One – the cover photo I found for my soon to be published SF novel isn’t going to work. It looks too much like Fantasy. I need a new concept.

The second – I need to figure out who the antagonist is in the novel I’m currently writing. Right now there’s a void from which all the evil actions are coming from.

So, I woke up this morning from a dream about a field of boulder sized dragon (or dinosaur) eggs. Not gonna solve either problem. Le sigh.

~This month I’ve been a failure at fixing things. The drippy sink faucet. Fail. The vacuum cleaner. Fail. Getting the Blueray Player to reboot and play Netflix again. Fail.

I have resolved to give up this shoddy life of attempting to repair things and move on to doing other things with my time. Like napping.


That’s it for my random life right now. I’ve got a busy day, so it’s back to work for me.

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