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Random Thoughts About the Universe!

Yellow mock orange with sweetly fragrant flowers
Yellow mock orange with sweetly fragrant flowers

I was reading an article today about how we communicate the experience of things to others. We talk about our cup of tea, tell someone about a flower, maybe write a note one friend about our dinner with friends the other night.

But we have such different sensory experiences, some things are hard to communicate. My husband and I used to tour nurseries, okay, we still do. One of the nurseries we loved in Oregon had a massive rose garden. He and I could smell the same rose and have two totally different experiences. Some were strong and myrrh smelling to him but weak scented to me. Others that I found sweet, almost smelled like tea, he could barely catch a fragrance of.

Our experiences change with time and circumstances. I used to love pinot noir, the way the taste of the wine unfolded in my mouth. One complex flavor after another. Then I had to begin taking a certain asthma medication that completely killed their taste for me. All that complexity was dulled. I switched over to full bodied, old vine Zinfandels as my favorite wine.

Species peony with spicy scented flowers
Species peony with spicy scented flowers

I was thinking about that as I walked through the garden today. How my frame of mind shifts my perceptions. Normally, I’m overwhelmed by all the beautiful new things popping out of the ground, unfurling their leaves and coming into being.

But today, all I could see were the weeds, the slug damage and piles of stuff that shouldn’t be wherever it was. Buckets of rocks that had been pulled out of the beds, empty pots lying around, tarps not put away. And more, since we’re in the middle of making the front patio.

I saw all the plants that needed to be watered. Seedlings that needed thinning. And every other thing that’s been bugging me about the garden. For years. Unfinished projects. All the work that really needs to be done for the garden to be simply passable.

Because we’re having company this weekend. And also because we’re part of a member garden tour with a group of plant geeks I hang out with. In a month and a half. Yikes. So, critical voice on high.

Dame's Rocket with its sweet flowers, fragrant only at night
Dame’s Rocket with its sweet flowers, fragrant only at night

I’ve been fending off my critical voice while writing, but apparently it’s found a new outlet. Not that weeds aren’t a huge problem in our garden. OMG. For many years the spouse and I have hosted a Walk through the Weeds Party in late summer. When some of the weeds are taller than we are.

Can’t think of a clever transition here, so I’ll just be clumsy. The launch party for Faerie Unraveled was wonderful. There were at least nine of us with new books and we guessed about a hundred people showed up. So yay!

It’s taken me over a week to feel rested though. Am still working on the refreshed part.

With the launch done, it’s time for me to get back to publishing work. Which has been stacking up. The second book in the series, Faerie Contact, is about to go out for copyediting and while I don’t have a release date yet, it will be in the next couple of months. And the other books are all written, just waiting to work their way through editing, etc. I need to clone myself!

Iris with awesome black-purple stems
Iris with awesome black-purple stems

But the next three days I get to immerse myself in the physical world. I’m going to a plant sale tomorrow. Saturday working in the garden. Sunday touring a garden and also artist’s studios. Looking forward to being out in the universe and seeing other people’s creativity.

I also just finished two books. I’ve been listening to Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb, mostly while driving, and begrudging every time I had to get out of the car. I love her books and am so happy there’s still several left for me to read for the first time. But reading her work makes me so crabby. I snap at everyone who interrupts me, cause I’ve been sucked so deeply into her world. And so, she’s one of the writers whose books I try to get hold of when I can go into hibernation for a few days and just binge. Because the books are long they take me a while to get through. Days and days. Apparently 30+ hours of an audio book is no different. I still get crabby.

I belong to a book club and one of our books this month is Crystal Singer by Anne McCaffrey. We got to talking about writers who we’d loved and she came up. I survived college by reading her books. They kept me going through depression and loneliness, but I hadn’t read this one. I was quite pleased by it and happy to find another world to visit, since there’s two more books in the series.

And I’ve been coloring a lot in the evenings, instead of doing publishing work. I’m throwing myself into recreating! And watching all our old DVD’s – Red, Red 2, Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, Lost in Austen and of course Netflix. Rewatching Leverage at the moment. Love the characters and the repartee.

So, that’s it for today. I’m off to do something productive like laundry. Or maybe even clean my desk. Or maybe not. That’s a frightening thought!


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