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Passing the Peak!

Awesome Hydrangea blossoms
Awesome Hydrangea blossoms

It hasn’t escaped my notice that the night temperatures have begun to dip below the mid 50’s. The days are growing shorter. Hydrangea blossoms are beginning to dry on the plants.

Newspaper ads are filled with school supplies and even the child is wearying of long summer days. Well, not that weary, but she is talking about school.

We’ve got another couple of months left of summer, for which I’m grateful. It’s been a long one, but I’m not ready to surrender to the long, dark, wet winter.

Thankfully though, school is starting in a month. I’m not relishing those 6AM wake up calls, but I need to get up earlier than I have been.

I haven’t been exactly lazy this summer, but I haven’t gotten as much publishing stuff done as I wanted. I have been writing up a storm though. Sleeping in till 8:30 has meant I’ve run out of time to do publishing in the afternoons. And my early mornings and evenings have been spent watering.

So, it’s a good thing school is coming because then I’ll be forced to get up early again. And get work done. Because otherwise my computer might explode from all the unpublished fiction agitating to be let out into the world.

And readers are inquiring as to whether I’m still alive. Yes, I am.

And for a month, maybe longer, I’ll still get to work in my outside office. I love, love, love, writing out in the garden.

I’ve got a lot done since our early summer made it possible. I’ve got two, nearly ready novels (which I wrote last year), a novel from this year and at least three collections of short fiction to publish. Once I pull all the details together.

So this fall will hopefully be a whiz of publishing activity. Which needs to begin this month.

On the schedule for this month and next are a flurry of books coming out in paper. Okay, they might not make an actual appearance until October.

In March or April, the Writers Cooperative of the Pacific NW, of which I’m a member, is holding their Spring Release Party! Whoo hoo! Details to be announced once they’re finalized.

So, I’ve got to up my game this month and get up earlier, write faster, linger less over my morning tea and business blogs and get a move on. The cooling weather will help.

And I’ve finished up a couple of major garden projects, yay! I’m not going to even think about all of the others. They will wait till the fall rains begin again. Lots of plants to move around. Big, unhappy Hydrangeas that got way too much sun this summer.

So, I hope you’re having an awesome summer. I’ve discovered audiobooks are lovely when I’m standing around watering containers for a very long time. I can still read. And I’ve been to the beach a couple times. Toured lots of gorgeous gardens. Seen old friends. It’s been a lovely summer.

So now I’m going to do more work and then maybe have a s’more. And read. Or watch awesome movies.

Tomorrow’s another day. Must go find school shoes for the offspring.

Told you she’s talking about school.

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