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My choice writing time for the summer seems to have run out as the child is getting whiny and wants to stay home. So, I’m doing what I can, when I can, but until school starts long, uninterrupted hours of writing new stories have vanished.

But I did write seven stories so far this summer and published five pieces of short fiction and one collection. Not what I was hoping, but not too shabby, either.

And I even got some reading done as well. I’ve been inhaling Kristine Kathyrn Rusch’s ‘Retrieval Artist’ series; murder mysteries set on the Moon and Mars. Loving those. And I’m also reading ‘The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, Volume 6′ edited by Jonathon Strahan. Some of the stories I’m liking, some I’m hating. Read Stephen King’s book ‘On Writing’ and a fun road trip book called ‘The Long Road Home’ by Karen McQuestion.

But I’m rushed today, trying to get things ready for a garage sale, cleaning and cooking for the book club who’s coming tomorrow night and a weekend of crazy adventures with the family. Oh, and watering, watering, watering the garden. Plus very impatiently waiting for flea medicine and fish food to arrive in the mail.

Oh, and we seem to inherited one of the neighbor’s chickens. Who won’t go home. And who I will not feed or otherwise care for. No more bodies to take care of!


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