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I can’t believe it’s been a month since I posted anything. I’ve been spending my time writing short stories and trying to get a paper book set up. Major learning curve, so far. I think I’ve learned every way possible not to make a book, but I’m still working on it. The first one that will come out in paper is Infected by Magic written by my pen name LJ Wolfe. It was the simplest to work on. Hopefully, the next ones will be easier. Or else my hair will be gone.

It’s been a wild month. I dug around and got all our tax stuff together and turned it in to our tax preparer at the end of last month. The catch was that not all the IRS forms had been revised yet, thanks to Congress’ dawdling. This week everything was finally ready to send. So, I’m sure it’ll be weeks before the refund is in our account.

Also for the last four months we’ve been refinancing our house. We had an abysmally high interest rate. And at the last minute surprise paperwork was needed, of course. It finally closed but we had to pay our property taxes two months early, before the bills for this year had even been printed and sent out. Sigh.

So there’s been lots of little hangups everywhere and large amounts of money leaving our bank account, some of which we’ll get back next month. Doesn’t make this month any easier! I’m blaming it all on Mercury retrograde. For those of you who don’t follow astrology, it’s a time period known for hangups of this sort and we’re in the middle of Mercury retrograde right now. I’m trying not to get flustered by the delays. Trying to let it all go and keep moving forward with things already in progress. Easier said than done.

Tomorrow I leave for a writing workshop on the Oregon coast. Woot! So looking forward to four days of intensely packed learning! The drive down, not so much. Today’s my day to pack and try to pull together a million tiny details. My desk is exploding with post it notes which need to be dealt with. And which I’ve mostly been ignoring for the last month as I tried to deal with all of the above and the general chaos of life. Looking forward to seeing the ocean and getting out of town. Even if I won’t be escaping the rain.

I haven’t been out in the garden pruning lately. Will have to get back to that next week. Hellebores are still popping out, as well as snowdrops. One of the Hepatica has opened up its lovely periwinkle colored flowers. Plants are being moved around, not by me, and we’ve gone to a couple of nurseries to pick up a few more. The koi are beginning to come to the surface on warmer days, gradually waking up. Since I’m not going to the Seattle Flower & Garden show this week, I picked up a potted hyacinth so I could be there vicariously. The scent is filling our kitchen. The flowers are sort of ugly and once I plant the bulbs out in the garden they’ll have wimpy little blooms the next year, provided the slugs don’t eat them. But right now, it’s a glorious smell.

And I’m off to get things done.


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