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Oh, the Horror!

Tree peony with fall color, that has absolutely nothing to do with this post!

Maybe I was traumatized by seeing 2001: A Space Odyssey in my formative years (and aren’t they all formative years!!!), but  I’m still a little creeped out when I accidentally hit the wrong button on my phone and Siri talks to me.

I never talk back.

And now she’s on my computer. And next, Alexa’s coming to my Kindle.

It might be different if I could choose the voice. I’ve already changed the phone to UK, but it’s still not right. Now if I could have Stephen Frye (as Jeeves) respond, that would be awesome.

Even better would be Billy Connolly!

I can just hear him, “Well, good mornin’ Linda,” with his wonderful Scottish lilt. Now that would be lovely. I’d probably never stop talking to him. Especially if the voice had his wicked sense of humor.

I know people who play games with Siri on their phone, or use her extensively to get directions. People who love Alexa. I just can’t do it. Maybe I prize my solitude so much that I don’t want a voice talking back at me. Maybe I’m just being a luddite.

Anyway, who would you have Siri or Alexa sound like, if it could be anyone in the world?


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