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New Story Up!

I love, love, love science fiction, but haven’t had many ideas in that realm lately. Most of my ideas have been fantasy, so that’s what I’ve been writing.

Last summer I wrote a short story or novel outline (haven’t figured out what it wants to be yet) set on a planet I’d been thinking about. I’m still trying to wrestle that piece to the ground, although my upcoming writing time is running out. School ends in three days and then I’ve got a three week writing hiatus until I have childcare again.

However this spring, I wrote a different short story set on that world and now Shifting Sands is up for sale. And I’ve got another couple of ideas, so there will be more stories set in that world.

I love new ideas. They give me places to go. It’s sort of like having a well stocked pantry. I can simply look around and say “Hmm. What do I feel like making tonight for dinner?” “Hmm. What do I feel like writing next?” So fun to have choices. Especially ones I’m really excited about.

But right now, it’s time to do some last minute spring cleaning, major weeding and gardening, and get ready for a weekend with Father’s Day, my husband’s birthday and another family birthday. I have fantasies about getting some writing time in sometime during the next four days. We’ll see how that works out. Oh, and of course all my library holds have come in at once, so there’s four books to read in the next three weeks. And I’m a really slow reader these days.

My life has erupted once again.


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