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New Story Up & Catalog Progress!

I’ve been keeping my eyes on the screen and working hard. Getting a lot done. Although it’s probably invisible to most people. I’ve redone a bunch of old covers, but I’m not even going to count the enormous amount of covers left to do.

Still, progress is being made. And as I finish them, they go up onto the catalog – which you’ll find beneath the header that says ‘Books & Stories’.

As do the new stories and books.

And I’ve got another new story up!

Soul Harvest:JPEG:850X1288

Soul Harvest: Trixie’s trying to hold everything together. She’s working full time and taking care of her cancer-stricken sister’s two young children. Then the bloody aliens arrive wreaking havoc everywhere. But what if they’re not here for her?

I had fun writing this story. It’s sort of a wacky first contact story, set in a tourist town in the mountains of Northern Idaho.

And I also got one of my older novels, which is in ebook and print, completely redone. So, it’s a sort of new book. And paper! Once I figure out the catalog page for that, I’ll put the link up for those of you who like paper books.

And I plan to get more of my work in paper this year. But first I need to wait for that extra paycheck to appear which will have enough moolah so I can buy a new computer. The last system update had pretty much tanked my laptop. It is now moving slower than a slug. Seriously.

I took it in and they cleaned things up a bit, but the verdict was that it’s just old. Almost six years old. Sigh. They used to last at least ten. But all the graphics and deh interwebs just keep getting more complex.

So all that is a long way of saying that once the new computer’s here, in late summer, it’ll have enough oomph to run InDesign and I’ll be making lots of paper books. I’ve heard the learning curve is brutal, so I’m calculating that by the end of the year I’ll be getting things up.

Until then, I’ve got covers to remake, more things to write and four novels sitting on my computer in various stages of cleanup, editing and formatting.

So, no pressure.

And then there’s the garden.

But there’s so much going on outside that I’ll save that for another day. Because today, I’ve got to pull together a library edition of the print novel and upload everything.

Because Libraries! They need our support.


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