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New Novel Out!

IMG_0939It’s been a while since I’ve written here. I’ve been busy, busy, busy. Finishing writing the remaining books in this series. Doing a makeover of my website. Trying to learn new software and get books into print.

Anyway, here’s a rose! Rosa serratipetala, a China Rose, began blooming for us this year in April! Never before have I had a rose bloom that early. Last year set a record with May. And this one smells delightful.

So, I’m feeling a bit scattered. My newest novel is about to hit the world:



Faerie Unraveled:jpeg:850_1314


Faerie Unraveled: Book 1 of The Bones of the Earth Series

For millennia certain Fae have been secretly living in the human world. Passing for human while guiding and teaching us.

Now those Fae have begun to disappear.

Someone or Something is hunting them.

Fans of Fae will want to read this unconventional series that straddles the human world and Faerie.


I’m really excited about this book. I wrote a couple of drafts last year and then finished it up this winter. While working on the next four books last fall, winter and this spring. There are five books in the series, and even after writing the first draft of all of them, I’m still in love with the characters and the world. That’s a good thing.

When I finished book five (after 11 hours at the keyboard), when I typed the last paragraph, a little voice whispered, “You know, there’s another story here.” I said, “Thanks, but I’m done with this part of the story. I’ll consider  another story in the future. After I find the floor, the tables, clean laundry. Things like that.”

So, while there may be more books in the distant future, this series is five books. I’m hoping to get second, and third drafts done, editing and copy editing finished, formatting and covers done, so that I can have them all out by the end of the year. That’s roughly one every two to three months. We’ll see how that actually shakes out.

Anyway, there’s a big launch party next week on Thursday, April 28 at the University Bookstore in Mill Creek. It will be a whole lot of fun. Wine, food, door prizes and books! There’s a group of 8 writers all celebrating our new, and old books. The address is under the Events tab. Please come if you live in the area!

Also if you haven’t signed up for my mailing list, please do. Free books, and occasionally I send out other freebies and never before published things. I won’t sell, or trade, your email address and I certainly won’t overload your inbox with newsletters.

So, spring is forging ahead and I’m absolutely overwhelmed with things that need to be done in the garden. The early hot weather – 70’s this week – means that things are blooming ahead of season. The koi are awake and eating twice a day already. It also means I’m watering early.

I remember a time when I rarely watered before July. Not this year or last. I’ve already begun the routine. And besides plants in the ground, there’s the burgeoning container garden – which takes a couple of hours every two to three days.

Last summer I discovered audiobooks. Duh. So, I’m looking forward to walking from container to container for two hours, watering and listening to books. Right now it’s Robin Hobb’s Royal Assassin. I love her books!

This has been a long post and I’d better get going. Next time I won’t be gone quite so long!

But new website! Squirrel!

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