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New Book!

Just a quick note since I’m swamped this week. I finally got a novel – Infected by Magic – up at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords to join the short stories and collections! Yeah! Eventually it will trickle over to the istore, Kobo and Sony as well.

Infected by Magic is a Young Adult Fantasy: Going to Hell was the easy part. Angelica hadn’t planned on going to Hell that day. After all, she wasn’t even dead. In search of a cure for her infection, she lands in the middle of a turf war for the Underworld.

So, one up and several more to go. I started copy editing the next YA fantasy yesterday. It’s the first book in a series and I’d forgotten how much I loved the characters and the world, since I hadn’t looked at it in a while. I’ve been working on the other books in the series. It was nice to travel to that world again!

But not till Monday. Today I’m off to run errands and clean up odds and ends in my life. Then it’s the weekend and spending time with my child. Tomorrow we’re off to Rocktoberfest! Not a rock concert – a gem and mineral show. We both love looking at rocks. And Sunday, since rain is forecast, we’re building a fire, watching moves and having a pajama day! And probably eating dessert for breakfast and just basically breaking all the rules. Popcorn is planned for dinner. The spousal unit has to work all weekend so it’ll just be the two of us causing trouble! Whoo hoo!


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