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My Head’s Spinning!

There’s a lot going on at the moment.

Tomorrow I’m participating in the Spring Book Launch with the Writers Cooperative of the Pacific Northwest. It’s at the University Bookstore in Mill Creek. 4-7 p.m. Come on out if you’re in the area. There will be fourteen writers, most of us with new books.

I have two new books this spring.

The first, Faerie Descent is the third book in my Bones of the Earth Series. It’s smack dab in the center of the story which spans five books:

Faerie battles an onslaught of Fomorian offspring, while the original Fomorians remain locked in a vault just outside the palace. Things do not look good for the Fae.

Dylan watches the Luminary fail to keep control. Something must change.

Otherwise, the Fae must give up Faerie, and possibly humankind, to the Fomorians.

Bursting with wild vision, Faerie Descent spirits us away to an irresistible world and immerses us entirely.

The other book I’m excited about is Horticultural Homicide. I’m branching out into a new genre – Cozy Mysteries.

Gina Wetherby loves her retirement work, painting botanical art. She lives in a small, cosy house looking down on Puget Sound. Her life feels just right.

Until she goes to nearby Ravenswood Nursery to paint.

Where her life gets turned inside out.

Fans of cozy mysteries must read this beguiling whodunit filled with mysterious plants, cats of a certain personality and the complexities of the gardening world.

So, there’s that excitement.

Plus, you still have some time left to get Faerie Unraveled: The Bones of the Earth Series Book 1 for free if you sign up for the mailing list over at:
Every month they’re (we’re) giving away a free ebook. And every weekday, there’s new free fiction, poetry or essays up on the website. It’s all very exciting and if you’re a reader you should check out the website. We won’t spam you and we don’t share our mailing list.

I’ve got a couple new short stories up for sale as well.

And on May 1, I’m part of a short story bundle, called the Summer Faerie Bundle.
I’ll post links here next week, once it goes live. It’s all very exciting and I feel so honored to be in a bundle with so many fabulous writers.

So, I’ll leave you with a couple of photos of Epimediums from my garden. They’re also called Fairy Wings, I thought they were an appropriate ending.

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