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Ms. Crankypants!

Ms. Crankypants. That’s me this week. The days are flowing past quickly. Thanksgiving is next week! And I’m behind. I’m somewhere on the home stretch of the novel. At least in the last third or quarter of it. If I can finish a chapter each day for the next several days I’ll be done with this draft by Thanksgiving. If….

The catch is I’m also at the point of the story where I’m sick of the plot, the characters, the world, etc. I just want the characters to get it together already. And solve their own problems. This happens with every story I write that’s got any length to it, so I’m not worried. It’s about me and my love of newness, not about the quality of the novel. Last week though, things got so bad that I spent several days in total rebellion against sitting down and writing. I went outside in the cold and wet to do winterizing things like cleaning the pond skimmer and putting it away till next summer, storing hoses and little things I’d put off for a couple months because the rains have begun. I washed dishes. I did four loads of laundry in one day, including putting it all away. I even cooked dinners. That’s how bad the avoidance thing got.

So, now I’m behind and paying for it. Need to get finished with this story and move on to the dozens that are jumping around in my head and which I’m studiously ignoring.

So, this is a short post to say hi, how are you? How’s your week going?


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