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Isn’t it dinner time yet?

So here’s a photo of four of the denizens who live here. Waiting, almost patiently. And not killing each other.

I’m finally alive enough to post again. Spent the last couple weeks being flattened by a cold. And pink eye! Never had that before, but it’s what happens when you have a cold and touch your eyes. Woke up one morning and one eye was completely swollen shut. My eye was blazing red and even my face on one side looked inflamed. Actually, it looked like someone decked me, complete with a shiner. The next day the other eye was working on the same charming look. But with the magic of modern medicine, a week later I can see again, my eyes have gone back to their normal color and I no longer need to sleep nearly eighteen hours a day. I almost feel human.

Mostly, I spent the time watching movies in my collection. The A&E production of Pride and Prejudice, Silverado, all sorts of things I haven’t seen in a while. Really I don’t just watch SF and Fantasy. And collecting paperwork and numbers for taxes. Which are all at the tax preparer’s. Yippee! Out of my hands.

I did not get any reading done and the stack of books – library and electronic gets taller and taller. And the list of books which aren’t in that pile grows longer. So, so many books I want to read. And the more time I spend writing, the less time I have to read. But there’s also a huge backlog of stories jumping up and down and screaming to be written, none of which I got to while I was sick. So, I feel behind.

And then there’s the garden. Things are popping out of the ground. After our eleven days of fog and freezing temperatures, it’s now turned back to rain and the temperatures are moving upwards, just enough to promise that one of these days it might be bearable to go outdoors and do some work. There’s still masses of sand to sift for the project that won’t end – the patio. And a couple parts of the garden need to be rethought. And there are containers to rejuvenate, plants that need to be taken out and put in the ground. Other plants that need to be moved into more sun, or less. If we ever see the sun again. Please oh please, can we have some sun?

So, I think the fire I lit has finally taken hold on the third try. Usually, it only takes me one. Sigh, it’s going to be one of those days. I don’t build fires that often since I live in a house of heat wimps. The child and husband and even a couple of the cats can’t take it. But three of the cats and myself could sit and bask by the fire all day, if someone let us.

And it’s now time for me to go work on a story.

A new story.

And stop procrastinating.

And get to work.

But maybe another cup of tea first.


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