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Keeping My Nose Down!

IMG_3176Fall is here and I’m still around, even though it’s been quiet here on the website. I’ve been working my tail off: writing, publishing, cleaning, organizing, winterizing, gardening, de-spidering and sometimes cooking. Ooh and even exercising.

Flannel sheets are on the bed, the cats have moved back inside, the wool carpet’s down in the living room and outdoor furniture is making its way into the barn. I can just picture the various chairs and tables walking across the property, rushing just a little to avoid the rain and cold. Followed by the swing and umbrella. Snort. I have my little fantasies.

I’ve been trying to get my body used to getting up at 6AM. AAAaaaaaccccckkkkkkk! But the youngling (I can’t really call her a child anymore, can I?) needs to be driven to the bus stop before school. Like at 7:10AM. I can’t believe she has to be there that early. Neither can she. In a couple of weeks we’ll be doing that in the dark! And rain. Now that’ll be fun. Today we got to listen to lots of bird conversation and even a frog quietly croaking from across the road.

And Hydrangeas! Like the ones in the photo above. I love how they open one color and slowly age through different shades until they end up looking completely different. The photo doesn’t capture the subtle tones in the faded flower.



And I’ve slowly been getting more things published. I finally got another Halloween story up!

A monstrous creature has hunted her family for generations. Now it’s Rose’s turn. She’s the only thing that stands between IT and her younger siblings. Will she be the one to kill IT?

It’s Halloween and the real monsters are out.


And I’ve begun the slow work of redoing covers that I’m not happy with. Making some progress, but it’ll take quite a while to redo them all. With some it’s just a matter of switching fonts or shifting things around. With others, it’s a complete redo and I need to search out new cover art. And as I get more covers done, I’ll be shifting my website around a bit. Rearranging the furniture. Because I’m easily bored. And because I can.

And I’m writing and writing and writing some more. Trying to stay focused when I’m writing the first draft of one story, cleaning up another and formatting a completely different one. And trying to cram it all in while running the rest of my life and attempting to organize the household. It’s my daily challenge. Some days I make it, others not so much.

I’m also trying to stay focused on my work because there’s so much going on out in the world that I’m unhappy about and have no control over anyway. I hate feeling powerless. But my body’s telling me my stress levels are too high and I need to let some things go. So, for once I’m listening.

Keeping my head down and moving forward. At least that’s the direction I think I’m going.

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