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It’s All Over!

You know it’s all over when I’ve broken into the Easter candy and my life is being held together by post it notes. Chaos has hit the house.

IMG_0713I’m in the middle of writing a novel and the house is a disaster area. I’m still clinging to my exercise program and a decent diet (well, except for peeps and chocolate), but I’ve lost the battle of the flat surfaces. Piles of paper and stuff abound. The couch has been swallowed by a massive mountain of clean laundry, my brain is half in this world, half in another and the garden is filled with pots full of, well, dead things. I’ve not even begun to have cleaned up from winter. I did get some salad greens and peas planted though.

The house may be a disaster, but you can eat off the sidewalk! I’ve spent hours & hours (on two very lovely sunny days) pressure washing the sidewalk. Part of which was so green with moss it was as dark a green as you can get without it being black. And thick. And slippery. I’m an excellent moss grower it turns out! The good news is that the sidewalk from out the front door towards the driveway is spotless. The bad news is that there’s another chunk of sidewalk out in the garden, at least that long, that needs to be cleaned. If we ever have sun again I plan on getting to it.

Okay, I don’t usually care about the disaster that is the house, especially if my writing is going well, which it is. But, next week the child turns 11. ELEVEN! That just blows my mind, middle school next year. And well, we need a clean house. So, you can figure out what we’re doing for the next week. Must also deal with the two boxes of art supplies that got dragged out last month for her science fair project. I meant to go through it and pull a few things out. I always have the best intentions! And it’s time for all the firewood stuff to go outside, because I don’t care how cold it gets, it’s spring damn it! Firewood is going out because I’m not building any more fires until fall!!!!! Because spring weather IS going to come!

I’ve just finished taking a 6 week workshop on designing book covers and now all my old covers are screaming to be redone. And I’m still wrestling with some formatting software that I haven’t figured out. The stories that need to be published have only stopped piling up because I’m working on a novel. Which will end someday. So, I need to get things figured out someday soon before the pile of stories begins to grow again!

So, I’m off to rein in some of the chaos. And maybe even crumple up some finished post it notes. And eat a few more peeps.

How’s your life going?



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