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In the Middle of Everything!

Deutzia 'Magicien'
Deutzia ‘Magicien’

It’s one of those weeks where I look up from the computer to find chaos everywhere. I’m trying to finish cleaning up one novel, just got another back from the copyeditor and another needs to get tidied up to go out to beta readers. And I need to fix up some screwy setting that changed during an update to the one of the programs I use for covers, and redo two short story covers. After I figure out the exact problem. And do half a dozen other silly, but necessary publishing things.

And then there’s the garden, sigh. The weeds are taking over everything. We can’t get them pulled fast enough and they’re outpacing the other plants. And going to seed.

The paths which are still grass, are a foot long now. The weedeater died. Come payday I’ll go buy a new one and try to catch up. (Laughs hysterically.)

Yet, it’s only the beginning of June! Summer’s not even here yet and most of the roses have already peaked. I found a ripe raspberry yesterday. The hydrangeas are beginning to open and the garden has smelled divine for a month already.

I’m knee deep into dragging out summer furniture, trying to get windows washed and screens up and getting the houseplants outside for the summer.

Styrax japonica 'Pink Chimes' (snowbell tree)
Styrax japonica ‘Pink Chimes’ (snowbell tree)

Basically, the house is a mess. The garden’s a mess. It’s that transition time between spring and summer, and school ending, and there’s way too many events every single week.

Oh, and did I mention folks are coming over to tour the garden in less than two weeks?

What was I thinking?

I’m sure everything will turn out fine. I’m sure that something in the garden won’t be entirely bloomed out. Maybe some of the weeds will get pulled. The front patio from hell will still not be done, but oh well.

In three weeks, school will be out, summer will be here. The spouse’s birthday will be past and so will Father’s Day. The garden tour will be done and the garden will look spectacular. I’ll have gotten one novel to the copyeditor and another to the beta readers and incorporated the copyedits into a third. And I’ll be attempting my next challenge.

Whatever that is.



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