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I’m Still Here! Really!

Tgiridia - Mexican Shell Flowers
Tgiridia – Mexican Shell Flowers

Life’s been crazy around our place this summer. I’ve been writing like a madwoman. And watering. And watering some more. Summer began two or three months earlier this year – usually it’s July before the weather clears up. This year it was March and April.

So I began watering in June instead of August. At least a couple hours per day. Probably not the year to move all my containers out into the big sunny, gravel area.

And I’m reading a book by one of my favorite writers, Paolo Bacigalupi, called The Water Knife, about a rather grim future where there are water wars and major drought. It’s an amazing contrast to pouring hose loads of water onto the soil. Makes me wonder whether I should be growing my now wilting Hydrangeas in such sandy soil. I compost, but it’s never enough.

So, yes I’ve been writing. No, I haven’t been publishing. Have fallen behind on that front. And our internet’s been mostly out for a week. So, I’m writing this at the library. Thank you library for free (and functional) internet. I expect our internet will be working sometime on Monday. I really, really hope so.

It’s amazing how I’ve based my life on it. Recipes for dinner. Research for just about everything – plants, turtles, store hours and whatever story I’m working on. And Netflix. Have had to resort to watching all the DVD’s we own. And our daughter is raiding the spouse’s collection of old home recorded Simpson’s episodes.

None of that includes just being able to answer my email and deal with various accounts that need to be cancelled, updated, etc. Oh well, next week.

So, life’s going on. The garden is a riot of color and also weeds. The cats are misbehaving. I’ve had to rescue a few snakes from them. The koi are loving this heat and growing fat.

And I’m trying to play catch up while still finding time to take in the joy of this glorious summer.


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