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I’m Still Here and So is Summer, Sort of!

Waterlily 'Black Princess'
Waterlily ‘Black Princess’

The craziness of summer has begun and I’ve been swept up into it. The teenager is out of school – finally, the garden is demanding attention and I’m still behind on everything.

I’m working on the second book of The Bones of the Earth Series. It’s back from the copyeditor, who’s also a writer and pointed out a couple of issues I might want to attend to. So, I’m making things more clear. Sometimes things make sense in my head and they don’t actually make it onto the page.

And in my afternoons I’ve been readying an older book for print. Tidying up the format and making it look pretty.

Cardiocrinum giganteum, Giant Himalayan Lily
Cardiocrinum giganteum, Giant Himalayan Lily

The garden tour is past. It was lovely to see everyone’s gardens, even on a cool, rainy day. Our garden was in sort of a lull. The roses had their first flush, mostly faded and were drawing in a second breath. The irises had finished and most things had not begun yet. Now the garden is bursting forth with lilies, poppies and of course, more weeds!

Last Saturday I spent all day at Wit’s End Bookstore, a local shop, with at least ten other writers. It was great fun, even though the day was cold and rainy and many of us were outside beneath a tent. I am so ready for summer, especially as I’m looking outside and it’s not even sixty degrees. And it’s pouring out.

However, the strawberries and raspberries are ripening faster than we can eat them. The blueberries are loaded with fruit that’s beginning to turn blue and the blackberries are beginning to take form.

Martagon Lily, whose name I'm not going to go look up because - rain
Martagon Lily, whose name I’m not going to go look up because – rain

And did I tell you I’m in a bookclub? The members of which show me up for the slacker I am. Each month we read three SF or Fantasy books. This month I’m determined to get through all three! We’ll see how that goes.

Over the past several months I’ve listened to the audiobooks for all of Robin Hobb’s wonderful Assassin’s Trilogy. I love, love, love her writing. And was pretty cranky when I had to put them away because I was finished driving or watering or whatever. Now, I’m listening to Neil Gaiman’s new nonfiction book The View from the Cheap Seats. A very inspiring book.

So, that’s about it for me. I’m looking forward to finishing up some writing projects and getting back to working on something new. Sometime early next month I hope.

And I’m looking forward to working in the outside office again. When it’s not raining!



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