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I Need a Moment to Moment Personal Coach!

Lincoln City, 2017

Life’s been chaotic again. In a good way. In mid-September I went off to a writing workshop on the Oregon coast. Mystery writing. Don’t panic, I’m not leaving fantasy and science fiction behind, just rounding out my skill set. Cause mysteries can exist everywhere. Even on other planets and in other worlds.

So the workshop was fabulous, taught by Kristine Kathryn Rusch (aka Kris Nelscott and Kristine Grayson). There were twelve of us, writing our brains out, for nine days. I wrote a massive amount of words and my brain is still overflowing with stuff. I learned so much.

I’ve spent the time since I returned sleeping (there was little time for that during the workshop, unfortunately), decompressing and dealing with the arrival of fall. Late September is when I normally put all the garden furniture away and bring the houseplants inside for winter (all eight of them). Do fall pond things, maybe even tidy it up some. Stuff like that. Except I was gone.

There were lots of projects I didn’t get finished before I left because I was reading books for the workshop almost until the last minute. I’m such a slow reader. Those things are still waiting for me.

So I spent a couple of days this week making lists of everything that needs to be done and deciding if I really want to do them. I really could use someone sitting on my shoulder and saying yes, no, do that thing first. Our house/lives are like on huge puzzle.

One example, we needed to vacuum the living room and bring in the rug for the winter. It was out in our old tack room (now a place where miscellaneous stuff gets stored. That had to be done, because all the outdoor furniture cushions get stored where the rug was. I’d washed the cover for the cushions and it was on the top of the laundry hamper, waiting to be put away. So in order to do laundry, it had to be moved. Everything is connected around here.

So obviously, We need help around the house too!

Now, furniture is mostly put away for the winter. I’ve got my publishing schedule roughed out for the next several months and I’ve started a new novel. The next Gina Wetherby book (you may have met her if you read Horticultural Homicide), which has been wandering my brain ever since I finished the first one, yelling “Me next, me next!” And I’ve got more publishing things to do than I can accomplish in a lifetime. The number of finished or nearly finished things on my desktop is alarming.

Time to dig in and get stuff done!


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