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Happy Samhain!

The leaves are still falling here and the rain has begun. Puddles are forming where ever there’s been heavy traffic and the cats are sitting on the back porch glaring at the water falling from the sky.

Today’s Halloween and thankfully it’s not cold, nasty or snowy. So for me, it’s writing this morning, school conference in the afternoon and trick or treating tonight.

I’m still working on the novel. I missed a few days because we’ve been rearranging our lives, so I’m only at 30,000 words. Maybe a third of the way through. But I’m still having fun with the characters and the journey they’re on. It’s going to take at least another couple of weeks, provided I don’t have too many more lost writing days. Ha! We’ll see about that.

But I did get two Halloween stories up for sale. Haven’t been on top of things for keeping my websites up to date. I’ve been writing instead. I need more hours in the day!

Ghostly Promise:JPEG:750x1168



A Halloween Fantasy Short Story.

Janie’s about to lose her ranch and her past. But this Halloween, a ghost comes to visit. Is he here to harm or help her?






All Hallow's Eve:JPEG:750x1000



A Halloween Fantasy/Romance short story.

Kathy loves Halloween – dressing up, the trick or treater’s costumes, decorations. This year she meets Quillan. Is he the real reason she only feels alive one day a year?






Both stories are available at all the regular ebook places. Links are to the right. Hope you enjoy them!

For me it’s back to the novel, while listening to the deluge outside.


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