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Happy Leap Day/Week!

It’s been a wild week around here. I finished copy editing the final novel in the Jeweled World Series, got a new short story out to my readers, survived sleep deprivation due to the child’s ear infection, realized that I didn’t take enough breaks while copy editing and now have to deal with entire right side of my body (okay, the top half) which alternately aches or is numb. But mostly, whatever law of the universe says things will break down is hitting the old homestead here.

After two trips to the Apple Store, it’s been determined that my external hard drive is officially deceased. So must go find new one (in my spare time). Also, the koi pond pump is dying. If it goes out in the winter, not so bad. If it waits till summer and we can’t get a new one in a day or so, then we have belly up fish. Bad, bad, bad. Not nice to kill your pets. So we decided to plunk down mucho bucks now so we can have it on hand when the other one tanks. It’s already run five years over the average ten year life span. And the water heater’s been acting wonky, but it’s still kicking so I’m going to ignore it.

The rest are all little, niggly things that just take up space on the to do list – or on my desk! Jewelry that needs to be fixed. Dead parking light in the truck. Stuff like that. And my desk is crammed with post its for all the stuff I need to deal with. That’s what comes from revising, editing, formatting, covering, etc. three novels in three months! And having a life which keeps coming at you with surprises.

So, in between reading a couple novels for my readers and writing a few short stories, I’m going to try to catch up on life. Find all the flat surfaces in the house, beat the to do list into submission, maybe do some gardening (if it ever stops snowing, sheesh!) and watch a few movies and read a few books.

Happy Leap Day to all of you!


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