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Happy Leap Day!

I’ve been away from here and way, way busy, so there’s a lot to catch up on!

IMG_0397First, just because Hellebores are exploding all over our garden, here’s a photo of my favorite one of the day. An awesome spotty double one.

Then, before I forget, I have a new story up for sale at all the regular places. It will eventually be part of a collection called Garden Magic stories. All fantasy stories set in gardens. But right now, I’m publishing them individually, so they can get out there in the world.

A Rose for Remembrance:jpg:825X1275


A Rose for Remembrance:

Rose is a retired actress. Her life’s a shambles of lost opportunities. She’s called to Seattle when her estranged sister dies and Rose is named heir to the estate. Upon her arrival, Rose discovers her sister had secret upon secret.

Each one more unbelievable than the last.

Readers of contemporary fantasy who want an upbeat story to read while they sip a cup of tea will enjoy this story.


The links to vendors are under the tab above: Books & Stories, under short fiction.

And then, about the busy. I’ve been working on a bunch of books called The Bones of the Earth Series for some time now. I just finished the first draft of book four. Whoo hoo!!!!

At this point there will be five books in total. Sometime in the future one of the characters may demand to have their story told, so I might end up writing more. Never say never. But for now, five books.

So, I’m working on the print version and the cover of book one, Faerie Unraveled. It will be available at the end of April and I’ll have lots of details coming up. But right now, I’m still working on firming up endless details.

And while I’m doing that for the first book, I’m adding stuff into the second book so I can get it moving through the process. And the third and fourth book are still lingering in my thoughts, while I prepare to dive into writing the fifth.

Basically, I’m attempting to hold all the characters, settings and plot points of five novels in my head at once. Or at least keep the lists in cohesive order so I can find what I need quickly. Like who a certain character is way back in book two and how does that influence them in book five? And remember what I need to be doing with each one at any given time.

I need to make a checklist. So I can add it to the already massive pile of lists flooding my desk. Sometimes I crack myself up.

Anyway, my brain’s about ready to explode.

But it’s all fun.

I feel a bit rushed with the multiple steps I’m juggling, for all five books and some of it’s new. Nothing like using new software when you’re in a hurry!

And this will be my first ever physical book launch!

There will be a party! With wine, food and of course chocolate! And if you’re in the vicinity – you’re invited!

So sign up on the mailing list to find out more!

I’m going back to playing with new software and trying to remember all the details, so enjoy your extra day and go do something wonderful for yourself!


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