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Finally, A Cat Story!

PURR:JPEG:850X1288I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to write a cat story. I have multiple feline friends, wear clothes covered with cat hair, feed the beasts twice a day, rescue garter snakes from them and they show up in my stories now and again. But I’ve never had an idea for a story about cats. Until now.

I was tooling around on stock photo sites, looking for a cover photo for something else and I found this picture. And I knew I had to write a story about this scrawny little black kitten walking down the street in the dark all by himself. Well, here he’s in a pool of light from a streetlight, but the rest of the street is dark.

So, the photo danced around in my brain for a while and finally, I had an opening this spring and this story was the result.

P.U.R.R. – Protectors United for Residential Requisition: What power does a tiny kitten have to change the world? More than you think. If cats ever got organized…

It’s available at all the normal places – Smashwords, Amazon, B&N, Kobo, iTunes, etc.

In other news, the patio is almost done! Just getting a few bricks cut around the edges and sanding it in are all that’s left to do. Woot! So, my outdoor writing office is back where I like it – closer to the house and the pond.

We’re about to tackle painting the child’s room. Carloads of things to donate to charity have left the house and countless paper has been recycled. Her room is nearly empty. Scary things were found lurking in her desk drawers – 2 Easter eggs from who knows how long – possibly not from this year. Really gross.

Anyway, we’re painting her room all one color, except on one wall – we’ll be painting a forest. That’ll be interesting. But fun! In the adult’s bedroom in the house, we painted cave paintings on all the walls, because it’s a minuscule bedroom with a low ceiling. It was a blast to paint and twelve, thirteen years later, I still love it. So, forest here we come!

And I just sent one novel to my readers and am about a third of the way through a different one. They’re not related, one’s Science Fiction, the other Fantasy. I’m having a wonderful time exploring this world. I’ve got more stories to publish soon and am busy, busy, busy. And school starts in two weeks! Oh yay. Time to start getting up earlier.

It’s been a glorious summer and I’m hoping there’s another two months of sun. Then I might have stored up enough heat and sunshine to make it through till next June. Possibly.

So, I’m off to wash walls for painting prep. Hope you’re all having a wonderful summer. Or winter, depending on where you live.


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