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It’s finally feeling like fall here. 40 degree nights are here, brrrr. The koi are slowing down, the flowers are dwindling and heavy dew greets me each morning. Cold and wet seeping through the holes in my crocs as I take my daughter to the bus. Time to break out the shoes I wear most of the year – ones that repel the rain.

Fall always feels like new beginnings for me. Probably started when I was a kid with new school supplies and a new teacher. Now it means new projects and a chance to begin all over again with things I want to change.

This summer I wrote and published eight pieces of short fiction and one collection of stories. Not quite the story a week I was hoping for, but I’m still happy with it. Those are eight stories that probably wouldn’t have been born if I hadn’t had any goals. And I’ve been spending a lot of energy rethinking the structure of my writing business.

I’ve decided to do what people told me to do at the beginning and put different genres and styles of writing under open pen names. I’ve always had two. Did you know I had pen names?

Linda Jordan writes Science Fiction and Fantasy. Annie Cox writes Women’s Fiction with a whiff of Fantasy in it, as well as Fluffy (and often silly), Romantic Science Fiction. Now, I’ve added a third – LJ Wolfe. That’s the pen name I’m using for all the Young Adult books and stories, which are -surprise – Science Fiction and Fantasy.

So, I’ve spent the last month reformatting and making new covers to change all the YA books over and starting a new website for LJ Wolfe (not done yet). Very time consuming work, but I’m liking the way things look.

I’m also trying to wrap up the short stories. I’ve got three more to write this month. I need to have the decks cleared by October so I can start work on another novel. Oh, and there’s that novel I’m supposed to be formatting for print on demand. I haven’t gotten back to that. And all the websites need updating. Need more hours in the day!

The other big change is that I’ve added a new workout program to my schedule. Instead of the old one which involved wrestling hoses around the garden, my new one is called Sifting Sand. It means spending an hour a day scooping up sand from the old round pen (which is a 50′ circle of sand, 2″ deep), plunking it onto a screen over a wheelbarrow and sifting out the gravel, then dumping the now pristine sand onto a tarp and covering it. We’ll use it between the pavers for our new patio. The spousal unit has the chore of removing sod from the patio area and filling that space with gravel. Not sure who has the worst job. But after two days of sifting sand, I’ve found muscles I didn’t know I had. And not in a good way.

So, that’s where I’m at. Glad that school has started again, but not especially pleased to say goodbye to the sun for the next nine months. So, I’ll just ignore that part of the equation and go write some more fluffy science fiction!


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