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Fall is NOT here!

Coral Bark Maple
Coral Bark Maple

I have to admit that this year I’m dragging my feet, kicking and screaming, about the whole fall thing. I’m not ready. It’s gotten alternately sunny and rainy here and I keep peering outside wondering if I should go outside to the table and write.

did put away the cushions, and some of the outdoor furniture. But most of it’s still out there, waiting plaintively and occasionally occupied by lurking cats.

There’s only one maple that’s begun to turn so far and it’s just on the tips. Fall color just isn’t there yet. The koi are still eating twice a day.

I’ll just ignore that the cats have mostly moved inside. And that it’s been cold enough some days (below 60) that wimpy me turned the heat on.

And that I’m about to swap out summer sweatshirts for rain coats and winter coats. The capris are gone for the summer, replaced by long pants.

Hydrangea ‘Pinky Winky’

And those long sleeves and long pants have doubled my laundry loads. Tank tops and capris take so much less room!

I’ll just keep my head in the novel I’m currently writing – it’s summer there.

Or in InDesign. Where I’m wrestling with learning a new software program. I have to pry myself away far too early in the evening so I can wind down before it’s bedtime.

And I’ll just ignore that it’s time to head towards bed at 8:45PM. Groan. Six in the morning comes way too early. And it’s dark out. Soon it’ll be dark out when we head out to the school bus.


Even though the mushrooms have begun to fruit.

I’ve still got raspberries coming on.

I need another month before the rain and darkness sets in!

Goldenrod & Black Eyed Susan
Goldenrod & Black Eyed Susans


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  1. We also turned on the heat yesterday, and had to have the heater repaired. Glad to have a preview of that little problem before fall turns into winter. Like you, I’m avoiding the out-of-doors a bit more in the morning, and 6 am is coming WAY too early for this homeschooling mom-turned-public school mom. I don’t even want to contemplate a dark morning bus walk. I don’t think it will be that way for us, though, as the bus doesn’t come until 8:15am. I only get up at 6 because I have to leave right after I wake my kids for school. My hubby gets them on the bus on my work days.

    I love your description of the fall leaves–just the tips turning color. That line captures the exact feeling I’m having about fall. I don’t think it’s really here yet. I think it’s just pretending. I haven’t put my shorts away quite yet!

    • Yikes, not having the heat working is awful!
      I know a lot of homeschoolers and I envy their flexible schedule.
      On the other hand, my word count is way behind since I slept in nearly every day last summer. And stayed up late. And I wasn’t writing on those late nights! Just fooling around watching movies, making art or reading.
      So, since school started and I have the house to myself, I’ve been back to work. Trying to make up lost time!

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