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Diving in!


IMG_0664I’ve been absent here for a month and a half. Working hard, trying to get my priorities straight and keep my head above water. I spent the first month madly writing short stories and moaning about the rain and cold. Then for the last two weeks I’ve been diving into a novel, still moaning about the rain and cold. I’m done with winter, as are most of you, I’m sure. And I’m thoroughly enjoying the novel I’m working on.

In the middle of that time, the Oso Landslide happened. I didn’t know anyone missing or killed, but I have far too many friends who do. It’s not that far away from here. I spent two solid weeks watching the news online (part of moaning about the rain, hell for the folks trying to work up there) and then decided I just needed to switch it off. I get obsessed with news and there’s very little hopeful on it. I’m not sure I can say much of anything that’s positive about what happened, except that a lot of people are finding strength and connections that they never knew they had. People coming together is mostly a good thing.

It’s been the normal craziness around here with a few additions. With my new plan of upping my weekly word count of fiction, I’ve found myself lacking time to publish things. I’ve got nine stories to pull together and get published. Some are still with my first readers, some are waiting for me to copyedit. A couple are at magazines, hoping an editor will buy them. And some are just waiting for me to figure out the new software and get them published.

New software. Sigh. I’ll try to get another run at it this weekend. Maybe.

I’m also taking a workshop on making book covers and learning lots of new cool tricks. Which means it’s time for me to schedule in redoing all my old covers. And that will lead to redoing my websites. And since I have this new word count plan going on – there’s no downtime between finishing something – in which I can publish things. I just have to cram it in somewhere and keep on writing. I’m still trying to figure out how that will work. Along with my homework for the workshop.

And this is the year that the child graduates from Elementary School. And moves on to Middle School. Which has involved touring schools and long discussions about the future and finally, making choices. And there’s other discussions about whether she’s going to buckle down and actually learn math and science or be limiting her life choices to getting jobs that pay no money and won’t allow her to buy the enormous number of pets she’s planning on. Whew! And her birthday is this month. Which involves getting not only Easter basket gifts, but birthday gifts. And will involve partying two weekends in a row. And organizing all that. Still haven’t figured out the birthday party thing yet.

And it’s spring. Spring. Spring! Yay! Beautiful flowers are coming out everywhere, including the skunk cabbage above, one of my favs. Although the photo was taken a couple of miles down the road. For some reason, none of my skunk cabbage is going to bloom this year. I’ve been moving containers around and lugging big bags of potting soil. I got all my greens, some snow peas and herbs planted yesterday. I still have poppy seeds to toss around the garden. It’s too early to buy most of the pretty little things that will go into all those containers, but the time for that is coming. And there’s way too much other work to do out there. It looks as if the sun might make an appearance next week and I might even mow the foot tall lawn. The koi are moving around. Usually, we’ve begun feeding them by now, but this year it’s just been too cold. Maybe in another week or two if temps keep going upwards.

And that’s where I’m at. Trying to shake off winter and pick up speed for spring. I feel like I’m behind, but then so is spring.

So, maybe I’m just in time.

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