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Checking In!

Hey there, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m still alive. I’ve just been very, very busy getting things ready for you. Yes, you!

I just published another story, Coming Into Being. The story is set in the same world as A Plague of Magic.


A plague of magic has the world in its grips. The newly magicked roam the streets, taking no prisoners.

What can she, one of the Talentless do to help bring order to the chaos before her world is no more?

Nightfall and Darkness may just have the answer.

Who are your real friends?



And I’ve been busy working on the next Faerie book, Faerie Flight. I’ll announce the publication here soon. Very soon. Maybe within the month. We’ll see how fast my cover creation brain works. I’m so excited about this one. Hope you are too.

Also, two of my books are free today!

The first one, The Black Opal can be found here:


But it’s only free till Thursday, so get on it if you want it for free!







The other free book is Faerie Unraveled, which can be found here (until Feb. 9):





So that’s it for me for the moment. I’m busy trying to figure out a cover, writing another short story, reading my brains out in anticipation of a workshop I’m going to and avoiding exercise apparently. Need to get on the last one. The garden is drenched, but it’s pruning time! And because the garden is drenched I have no garden photos for you. I’ve been slacking. But witch hazels, the Cornelian Dogwood and most of the Hellebores are in bloom. So, next time.

Until then, read some free books and catch up in the Bones of the Earth series. Cause the final two books, 4 & 5 are coming your way soon!

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