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Bookclubs Are Awesome!

I belong to a bookclub and have for a couple of years. I love the gatherings because I end up reading books that I never would have found, or if I found them, I would have said, “No, not my type of book” or “I have too much to read on my shelves as it is.” But a bookclub forces me to read something for a deadline, so I can at least give an opinion.

The bookclub I’m in reads anything and everything. Okay, we do have a rule about not reading celebrity bios; so no Snookie. We read fiction, nonfiction, chick-lit, bestsellers, young adult, lit-fic, mysteries, fantasy and obscure writers no one’s ever heard of.

Which brings me to last night. Last night the group talked about the only novel I currently have for sale Infected by Magic, my YA Fantasy. It was so great to sit and chat with friends about the inspiration for the book, my writing process and how I do or don’t, consciously or un, draw things from my own life when writing.

Oh, and the food was fabulous too!

Okay, the last was a major understatement. We always have the most amazing potlucks and last night was no exception. French onion soup, two awesome salads, crackers with a spread of goat cheese and roasted peppers and garlic, mushrooms stuffed with gorgonzola, and some sort of fried dumpling thingee with spinach and cheese and more things which I can’t quite remember, because well, there was a glorious malbec as well. And the topper was an apple bread pudding with caramel sauce and ice cream. So even if I hated to read, it would be worth it for the extraordinary food alone!

Luckily, I love to read. And I’ve learned a lot by reading books out of my normal foraging habits. Which is one of the reasons I joined in the first place. The conversation about books, life and the known universe is always fun and entertaining and it’s such a treat to hang with all those wise women and hear about their lives.

We also had a discussion about procrastination. Which I’ve been doing a fine job of for the last week, ever since I finished my Nanowrimo novel. So I must get back to work. And hopefully in the next couple of months you all will be seeing a free short story go up here and trickle out to all the usual places. Then The Jeweled World Series, my next YA Fantasies will be going up one by one, as I get them edited, formatted and make covers for them.

So, I’m off to work more and while I’m slaving away – go join a bookclub or read something fun. Or both!


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