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Back Up Again!


Fall is almost here and wet spider webs abound. I’ve been mind-numbingly busy lately.

About three weeks ago my website got hacked by bots. It couldn’t be salvaged without me laying out large amounts of cash, which I don’t have. So with the help of friends, who know oh so much more than I do, I found out how to fix things myself. However, fixing things involved destroying my website. And since I couldn’t actually see the malware on this site, just to be sure it was gone from the others, I destroyed all my websites. Then began the long process of rebuilding. With much, much more security.

I got this website partly reconstructed from copies of posts I’d made as I wrote them, thanking myself for keeping copies. Then I realized that to put book links up, I really should have the new covers done. I was planning on working on that this month, just maybe not all at once. I’m also sort of phasing out my pen names, so those covers needed to be redone as well. I spent a lot of time redoing book covers. Some have new cover art, some just needed fonts changed or their text rewritten. So, except for the last eight or nine books and stories I’ve put up for sale, every single cover has been remodeled. That amounted to forty covers! After those were finished, then came the big upload!

I spent four good days – 28 hours – uploading new covers, changing blurbs, waiting for the publishing website pages to reload, etc. By the end of last week, I had no more brain. Zombies wouldn’t have looked my way. I’d worked 11 days straight – about 7-11 hours a day multi-tasking. Towards the end I couldn’t tell one word from another. But it was done. I took two days off to do things like rewatch movies and pretend to find flat surfaces and cook. So this week is wacky website week. Where I try to get all my websites back up and running. It’s the end of day one and things are humming along, but if you’re looking for the other sites, check back, cause I’ve got a lot of other stuff going on this week.


Besides my work, I wanted to give you an update on the pumpkins. Because they really are taking over everything. They’ve grown 12 feet since I posted last and are as tall as my hips. I really must wade in and get their full measurement, but it’s really wet outside and I’m not in the mood to get soaked. They’ve completely blocked the compost bins in front and the door of the former tack room, the green building on the other side of the bins, to the right side of the photo.

And now there are at least three pumpkins that qualify as really big (15 inches high). One of them is beginning to turn orange. And yes, those brown things on it are slugs. Sigh. Hope they all make it!

With that, I’m off to do something else for the day!


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