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Back Home and Returning to Life!

Searching for Faeries:PNG I got home from the workshop on April Fool’s Day to find two humans and four cats sick with nasty viruses, flu, etc. Presumably, the cats had different germs than the humans. Anyway, that left one human (me) and one cat to deal with life. And I was exhausted, completely and absolutely brain dead. So Lizzy, otherwise known as Miss Elizabeth Bennett was in charge. She did what most cats would in the situation and took a nap.

Last week the child, who was sick during most of her spring break, went back to school. The spousal unit after having missed several days of work (which he NEVER does) finally caved and went to the doctor for antibiotics. Then he went back to work. Everyone, including cats, is still sneezing, coughing, etc., but getting better. My brain has finally begun to clear and I can think again. Yay!

I made it out into the garden and began resurrecting containers, which haven’t been touched in two years. Pulling everything out of them, dividing plants and adding new ones. So far have made it through twelve pots and whiskey barrels, and there’s at least that many to go if I count all the empty ones which just need to be planted. Lots of garden projects I’m excited about this year.

However, since the sun only reappeared here in the Pacific Northwest a week or so ago I’ve forgotten something majorly important about spring. Sunscreen. Have forgotten I need to wear it at the beginning of the season. So I got zapped pretty good last week when the temperature actually got above 60 degrees! All of a sudden we’ve got warm weather and the koi are up and wanting to be fed. Must order fish food and in the meantime they’ll just have to eat rolled oats.

As for the writing, I learned so much at the workshop that I can’t even explain it. We did a lot of exercises, wrote two short stories, read a lot, listened to lectures. I met fabulous people, who also happened to be wonderful writers. And got to spend nine days talking with people about writing. When any of us were coherent enough to speak. My brain really was numb by the time I got home.

I managed to get one of the stories edited and up for sale last week – Searching for Faeries. I was trying to push myself and write a romantic fantasy, something I haven’t done before. I managed to nail the fantasy part, but the romance wasn’t strong enough to push it into that category. I’m still happy with the story. Will just have to work harder on figuring out romances.

I’m trying a new thing – putting up a story with a bonus story included – calling it a 2fer. I’ll be going back and switching all the short stories already up to 2fers, as I have time. Next up, I’m editing a short story I finished before the workshop. Then writing two more for a collection I’m working on. Then in May I’m starting on another novel. Haven’t decided which one yet. I think the universe is leaving it as a surprise until I get there. I love surprises like that!

So, the next two weeks are busy, busy. And oh yeah, it’s the birthday season at our house. Zoe turns nine next week! For those of you with kids – you know what that means. For those of you without, it means someone (me in this case) must orchestrate a birthday party (on a weekend or evening), cupcakes at school, presents and something to happen on her actual birthday (which falls on a weekday). Last year we went to a tea place for her party. A creature of habit, she wanted to do it again – which is fine with me since I’m done with the huge energy expenditure of having it at home and hoping for good weather. I’m mostly done with all the organizing, etc. of her ninth birthday extravaganza and am just waiting for it to play out, beginning with a Friday night sleepover. Whew!

Now, after this monster post, I’m off to work on the next story!


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