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Back from the Dead!

Cool pineapple lily!
Cool pineapple lily!

I’ve spent the last two and half days sleeping about two hours then getting up for two hours, then sleeping again. Round the clock. And not eating much. Half a bowl of soup here, a cup of yogurt there. I caught something, somewhere, some nasty bug that made me feel like a python was wrestling with my intestines. And winning. Aaack.

Even when I was awake, I felt incoherent. Just sitting glassy-eyed in front of a movie and trying to stay awake, but it hurt to lie down. Hurt to sit up for that matter. Achy muscles as well as the painful wrestling match. The wrestling seems to be over, but the achy muscles are still with me. And I can’t lie down any more. It was so bad, I wasn’t even coherent enough to read the first page of a book by one of my favorite writers. Yikes.

So, hopefully I’m recovering because there’s tons of life and work to catch up on. I haven’t written all week, but last night as I was lingering in that space between sleep and non-sleep, which I did off and on all night, a huge chunk of the current novel came to me. So my brain’s been working on the story, even though my fingers haven’t been typing it into a file. I’d been feeling sort of stuck all last week, so I’m pleased to have this next piece fall into place. Yay!

And the four days before I got sick were mostly spent running errands and shopping. Not something I do that much of, but I still haven’t cleaned up after all that. I came home from errands on Wednesday and collapsed into bed. That was the day I woke up to thunder and it rained nonstop for about twelve hours or more. I still haven’t even finished unloading the car. Just got the perishable groceries out.

But I’m feeling a little better and will get back to the novel today. And perhaps to all the other things flailing about on my to do list. And grateful that the spousal unit and the child picked up the slack, so I could be a zombie for a few days.

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