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Baby, It’s Cold Out There!


I’ve been swallowed up by Christmas chaos. Trying to make gifts, shop for gifts and prepare for all the celebrations this month brings with it. And dealing with the harsh cold temperatures we’ve been having. Cold for here at least. To the left is what a very, very cold Rhody looks like. Brrr! I’ve been wearing multiple layers, having the heat on full blast, using a space heater and wearing fingerless gloves. And of course, drinking hot tea. Sitting at the computer, writing, doesn’t really keep me warm.



IMG_0335Especially when I’m writing about winter. Which I was. Just wrote a story that came from a combination of things. The plant geeks who I hang out with, have an annual wreath making meeting, which I always go to. Made two wreaths this year. The one I kept is on the left, hanging on our house. So that event spurred part of the story. The real impetus came from a dream I had. One of those dreams where I woke up and dropped everything on my schedule and wrote all day until the story was mostly finished and my brain was gone. You just can’t refuse gifts from the universe like that and expect inspiration to keep showing up.

Jokul Frosti:750x1150:PNG


Jokul Frosti: Bitter cold fills the air and Molly meets a man unlike any other. White hair, black leather and eyes the color of a snow filled sky. Is he out to harm or help her? And is he human? What if winter were really alive?


So, the story’s up for sale now, at most of the usual places. The link to Amazon is in the left sidebar.

And I’m off to write about someplace warmer I hope!

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