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Rolling along!


My life’s been continuing on – one step forward and two steps back. Last week I locked myself out of all my websites. Today I got back in and reset the security settings. Sheesh. Sometimes I’m dangerous around technology. I know just enough to screw things up.







It looks like the pumpkin vine’s finished growing and is beginning to die back. Fall is here. The longest arm measured 39 feet! I’m not measuring the actual pumpkins until they ripen, but took a couple more photos. The vines have now eaten what was this past summer’s outdoor office. All the furniture got put away for the winter before the vines encroached. I’m back inside and the wood stove’s going, making me feel very cozy. Houseplants came inside last week. And there’s new wiper blades on both cars. The koi are down to dining once a day and soon they’ll sink to the bottom of the pond and go dormant till next spring. Just need to get a few plants under cover for protection and I’ll be ready for winter. Or fall rains. We just had the rainiest September on record.

I’ve been trying to get a few stories cleaned up and ready for sale – in between bouts of wrestling with technology.

So far I’ve made it through one:

A Plague of Magic:JPEG:750x1154



A Plague of Magic: Adeline’s world has fallen apart. A plague forces her into a quarantined section of the city, her father’s dying of cancer and her dream of being an oceanographer has been crushed. Her life is filled with loss. How can she put it all back together again? What if her cursed magic is the way out?




Hopefully, I coming to the end of my technological wrestling for a while. I always learn a lot, but it’s really time consuming and I’ve got stories to write!

So, this week, I’ve got a couple of other stories to clean up and then next week it’s on to a new project! Yay! Finally! I haven’t had a new project since August!

So, I’ll see ya all then.

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