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Woo Hoo Week 3!

IMG_2410 It’s week 3 of the Clarion West Write-a-thon – –  and I’m still in the game. Last week had lots of July 4th. craziness. Fireworks (not ours) going off at all hours of the day and night, with the actual day being a war zone. Just like every year. I wasn’t sleeping well again, thanks to allergies. And lots of social things going on, taking up my time. Some fun, some not so much.

But, I managed to finish my story for the week and get it out to my first readers. So yay. Two for two! It’s not too late to sponsor a writer and help the scholarship fund! If you’re a reader and want new stuff to read, then encourage new writers! Click on the link in the first line of the post.

This week I got the first week’s story back. It just needs some minor cleaning up, then making a cover (I already have the art picked out, love, love, love it!) and then formatting, writing blurbs and getting it up. Somewhere in my copious spare time.

So this week I’m writing a science fiction story. I’d finished last week’s story and gone to bed. As I lay there, the beginning of this week’s story came to me. I love it when that happens. It’s going slowly because I’m having to do a lot of world building along the way. The first two weeks’ stories were contemporary fantasies, so I didn’t have to invent a whole new world. The one I’m working on now takes place on earth, but a hundred or so years in the future and much of it takes place beneath the ocean. So, I’m exercising those world building skills. I love creating new worlds, but it does take some time. And I’ve been really busy outside of writing this week, so it’s been more of a struggle to get the time in.

But today, I get to stay home all day! And sit in the garden and write, so all is good. As long as I can wake up.

Out in the garden I’m watering, watering and doing more watering. Our property sits on sand and gravel – it probably used to be an ancient beach. Before water or earth movements put a very large hill between us and Puget Sound. So water just runs out of the topsoil, through the sand and is gone.  We keep adding compost, but it’s never enough. Only when we get a deluge after months of rain do we ever have standing water. The photo above is of some of the bread seed poppies from our garden. The roses and clematis are going strong. Hydrangeas are beginning to show. Most of my hydrangeas are only a couple years old, so they only have a very few blooms so far. One of these days they’ll all be mature and what a sight that will be!

The list of things I need to deal with keeps getting longer since I can’t get through the stuff at the top of the list. And then there’s that eating thing. Three times a day for three people. Cooking takes up way too much of our time!

Anyway, I’ve dithered away here for too long. Need to get writing before my time’s up. See y’all next week.


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