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The Answer to Dust Puppies!

Last week while we were snowed in, since nobody was going anywhere, we decided to let the little monsters out in the rest of the house to play with the big monsters. Or at least terrorize them. It’s astonishing how a four pound kitten can terrorize a twelve pound cat.

Now I admit, I’m not the world’s greatest housekeeper, or the worst even. I’ve always got better things to do – like write or read or even stare off into space. Anything, but cleaning the house. Within two days of being on the loose, the kittens had hunted down, killed and destroyed every single dust puppy that has accumulated since the last time we moved furniture. Because kittens can crawl under and behind everything!

Ha ha, no dust puppies here!
Ha ha, no dust puppies here!

Even I was amazed at their super dust puppy hunting abilities. I swept up a few times, but they are still finding dust puppies a week later. I suspect the few remaining dust puppies are feeling threatened and have gone into overdrive breeding mode. But the kittens seem up to the task.

So there you have it – the answer to getting rid of dust puppies. Kittens! Who knew? And there have only been a couple of casualties. One of the Christmas cactus’ has been sat on and mutilated and will require the entire summer to recover. Yesterday’s newspaper was a complete loss – shredded.

But still, not a bad tradeoff, considering the kittens have also found every long, lost cat toy we’ve ever had. And the bathtub is sparkling, since that’s the kittens favorite wrestling venue. Especially when it’s filled with cat toys.


I’ve killed them ALL!


So, I’ll leave you with those deep thoughts as I go off and finish revising a novel.


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