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Summer’s End!

IMG_0064I’ve finally given in to the idea that summer’s over. Sigh. We cut the pumpkins free of their dying vines. You can see the size of them, compare them to the surrounding bowling balls in the photo. The leaves are coloring up and falling. And I’ve made a couple fires in the wood stove which drives everyone but the cats and I out of the house. Heat wimps.

I just finished taking a writing workshop and am struggling to get a consistent schedule together for working on the novel. And live keeps attempting to destroy said schedule. Or perhaps it’s telling me to just write without one. It’s all a little hazy at the moment, but that’s how life feels to me when I’m writing a novel. One foot in this world, one foot in the other world. My brain always feels a little fuzzy about the reality of daily life. You should’ve seen me trying to cook dinner last night! Ha. I was making a recipe that had three sections – the sauce, the pasta and a topping. I was so confused, I couldn’t figure out which part I was working on. I finally figured it out and got it done, but it took far longer than it should have. I’m sure it was all quite amusing,

IMG_0056So, it’s getting colder. The koi are spending more time at the bottom of the pond and soon I’ll be done feeding them till spring. The cats are beginning to move back inside. Especially when it’s raining out. Punkin, in particular, has been blessing us with her artwork when she’s stir crazy. In the photo is this morning’s installation. Quite charming, I thought. I didn’t want to destroy it till, I’d gotten a photo, so I set out another roll of toilet paper on the counter, left the room and went to make tea. I came back later to find the new one on the floor with her kicking it to shreds. Silly cat.

So, amidst the wildness of the seasonal changes, the winterizing of the garden, the still trying to figure out my new (functional) phone, half days at school because of conferences, Halloween and birthday celebrations, I’m back to the novel and working towards getting it done.

Maybe I’ll even do some work in the garden.

Or sift some more sand for the patio.

Or maybe not.



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